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Server-side Zotero translation based on node.js (discontinued)
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NOTE: This project is no longer actively developed. Due to speed and functionality limitations of
DOM and XML parsers available in the node.js infrastructure, the Zotero team has decided to base its
server-side translation infrastructure off of xulrunner + Xvfb. See the translation-server project
for the new approach.

Server-side translation based on Zotero translation infrastructure and translators.

Currently supports all import and export translators but MODS. Web translator support is
preliminary, but works in some cases.

node.js (tested with v0.4.9)
jsdom (required > v0.2.0, the latest release at this time; tested with 22fc4d7b37833afd4838)
rdf-raptor-parser (tested with v0.1.2)
xmlhttprequest (tested with v1.0.0)
o3-xml (not used yet, but will be, once MODS is ported to DOMParser)
A checkout of the Zotero trunk (modify and run to compile zotero_bundle.js)

If jsdom is not installed via npm (and it can't be, at the time of this writing, since the latest
release does not support XPath), you will need to install its dependencies separately (htmlparser,
request, and cssom at present).
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