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Merge pull request #7 from gracile-fr/localize-wordproc-prefs

Localize Word Processors tab in Preferences
latest commit 65c159a957
@dstillman dstillman authored
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build Support Firefox 38
chrome Another attempt at fixing for zotero@zotero/a417c9ef59071950bf371a2f…
components-31.0 Support Firefox 29, 30, and 31
components-32.0 Firefox 32-34 compatibility
components-33.0 Firefox 32-34 compatibility
components-34.0 Firefox 32-34 compatibility
components-35.0 Support Firefox 35-37
components-36.0 Use Windows XP toolset
components-38.0 Support Firefox 38
components Drop Gecko <24 and support Gecko 26, 27, and 28
defaults/preferences update common.js in all plug-ins
install Insert citations correctly when both Zotero Standalone and Zotero for…
resource Localize Word Processors tab in Preferences
COPYING relicense under Affero GPL
chrome.manifest Support Firefox 38
install.rdf Support Firefox 38
update.rdf Support Firefox 38
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