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Feature request: improve Advanced Search form #109

jean opened this Issue · 2 comments

2 participants

Jean Jordaan Dan Stillman
Jean Jordaan

The form refers to "folders", I guess this means "collections".

[ ] Search subfolders: at this point the selected collection is in the parent window, not focused, perhaps obscured by the popup. Suggestion: [ ] Search <SelectedCollection> and child collections.

[ ] Show only top-level items, [ ] Include parent and child items: It's unclear what these do and how they relate. I suggest: [ ] Search only top-level items (unchecked includes children) and [ ] Collapse results (show only top-level).

Advanced search lacks the ability to search "All Fields & Tags" (#69) and "Everything".

Advanced search offers specialized criteria like "Court" but not common criteria like "Author".

I would be great if the search box worked like the tags input (offering to autocomplete based on the values of the selected criterium where possible). E.g. it's tedious to remember the possible values for Item Type, or the difference between Type, Item Type, and Attachment File Type.

Please let me know if I should create separate issues for any of these.

Dan Stillman

Please post to the forums (in separate threads). You're mistaken on a bunch of these.

The selected collection in the main Zotero pane doesn't have anything to do with Advanced Search, Author is Creator, there's no free-form search for item type...

Dan Stillman dstillman closed this
Jean Jordaan

Ah, I tried Type and got a free-form search, didn't realise that Item Type and others have dropdowns. Also, didn't realise that Author (and Contributor, Translator, et al. but not Reporter or the creator of the item) is Creator. Sorry for being hasty & bumping into the furniture. Continuing in the forums ...

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