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ffeedfe @arjan doc: Ported over the release notes.
arjan authored
1 Release 0.7.0
2 =============
4 Released on 2011-07-28.
7 New core features
8 -----------------
11 Native SMTP support for sending and receiving e-mails in any
12 Zotonic site. We integrated Andrew Thompson's gen_smtp library
13 which allows us to manage outgoing ánd incoming mails. mod_logging
14 provides a new email log-view for inspecting what mails go in and
15 out.
17 Commandline
18 A "zotonic" shell command. The "" shell command has been
19 replaced by a more generic and more powerful shell command with
20 support for pluggable subcommands.
22 Module repository
23 Zotonic now supports installing system-wide modules which are not
24 part of the core repository. We have created a place where
25 externally contributed modules can be linked at
26 Modules registered on that site can be
27 easily installed through the "addsite" subcommand.
29 Skeleton sites
30 The default website has been replaced by the notion of "skeleton"
31 sites. The "zotonic addsite" command lets you create a new Zotonic
32 website based on one of the (currently two) website templates.
35 New modules
36 -----------
38 mod_email_relay
47ccf9f @mworrell doc: correcting some quotes into curly quotes.
mworrell authored
39 Relay received e-mails to an user’s email address. Serving as an
ffeedfe @arjan doc: Ported over the release notes.
arjan authored
40 example for the SMTP functionality, this module looks up a username
41 by the local part of a received e-mail and forwards the mail to the
42 mail address the user configured.
44 mod_email_receive
45 Handle received e-mails, notifies email observers depending on a
46 stored mapping of recipient addresses.
48 mod_import_csv
49 Fairly generic module for importing CSV files, updating or creating
50 new content on the fly.
52 mod_import_wordpress
53 Basic import module for Wordpress WXR file format, allowing you to
54 migrate a Wordpress blog into Zotonic.
57 Discontinued modules
58 --------------------
60 To make Zotonic more lightweight and remove some of the build
61 dependencies, some infrequently used modules have been removed from
62 the core and moved to their own repository, at
63 These modules are
64 mod_search_solr, mod_pubsub, mod_slideshow, mod_broadcast,
65 mod_imageclipper, mod_admin_event and mod_calendar. They can still be
e20a8b8 @ArthurClemens doc: fix module install command
ArthurClemens authored
66 easily installed with the help of the "zotonic modules install"
ffeedfe @arjan doc: Ported over the release notes.
arjan authored
67 command. The mod_emailer module (and its esmtp library) has been
68 removed in favor of the native SMTP sending/receiving capabilities.
70 Each module now also can have its own dependencies by including a
71 "deps" subfolder in the module. This is used for example in the
72 mod_pubsub external module which has the exmpp library as a dependency.
75 Other minor features
76 --------------------
77 * to_json filter for representing template values as JSON objects
78 * split filter for splitting a string
79 * slice filter for manipulating lists
80 * Added {% raw %}..{% endraw %} support for representing literal code blocks.
81 * erlydtl: Added possibility to define atoms using backquoted strings.
82 * admin templates are reorganized, allowing to write admin customizations with less code
83 * translations of the admin updated and more translations added
86 Bugfixes
87 --------
89 Too many bugfixes to list. However, the base system is becoming more
90 stable and this release aims to be a good step towards the 1.0.
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