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4 Creates a ``sitemap.xml`` file for your site, containing links to all
5 publicly accessible pages.
7 `mod_seo_sitemap` creates a ``sitemap.xml`` file for which is used by
8 the Google bot to index your site. By default, its generated
9 sitemap.xml lists all pages of the categories text, event, location,
10 collection and person in the system which are publicly viewable.
12 Creating a sitemap without using mod_seo_sitemap
13 ------------------------------------------------
15 If you have a site with mostly static URLS, it might be easier to
16 create your own sitemap XML file. If you create a dispatch rule like
17 this::
19 {sitemap_xml, ["sitemap.xml"], controller_template, [{template, "mysitemap.tpl"}, {content_type, "text/xml"}]}
21 You will be able to write your own sitemap.xml file (in a
22 mysitemap.tpl template) without using mod_seo_sitemap. This might be
23 handy if you serve mostly static files.
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