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ErlyDTL implements most but not all of the Django Template Language.
Project homepage:
To compile ErlyDTL, type "make" in this directory.
Template compilation
Four ways:
erlydtl:compile("/path/to/template.dtl", my_module_name)
erlydtl:compile("/path/to/template.dtl", my_module_name, Options)
erlydtl:compile(<<"<html>{{ foo }}</html>">>, my_module_name)
erlydtl:compile(<<"<html>{{ foo }}</html>">>, my_module_name, Options)
Options is a proplist possibly containing:
doc_root - Included template paths will be relative to this directory;
defaults to the compiled template's directory.
custom_tags_dir - Directory of DTL files (no extension) includable as tags.
E.g. if $custom_tags_dir/foo contains "<b>{{ bar }}</b>", then
"{{ foo bar=100 }}" will evaluate to "<b>100</b>". Get it?
vars - Variables (and their values) to evaluate at compile-time rather than
reader - {module, function} tuple that takes a path to a template and returns
a binary with the file contents. Defaults to {file, read_file}. Useful
for reading templates from a network resource.
compiler_options - Proplist passed directly to compiler:forms/2
force_recompile - Recompile the module even if the source's checksum has not
changed. Useful for debugging.
Usage (of a compiled template)
my_compiled_template:render(Variables) -> {ok, IOList} | {error, Err}
Variables is a proplist, dict, gb_tree, or a parameterized module
(whose method names correspond to variable names). The variable
values can be atoms, strings, binaries, or (nested) variables.
IOList is the rendered template.
my_compiled_template:source() -> {FileName, CheckSum}
Name and checksum of the original template file.
my_compiled_template:dependencies() -> [{FileName, CheckSum}]
List of names/checksums of templates included by the original template
file. Useful for frameworks that recompile a template only when the
template's dependencies change.
From a Unix shell, run:
make test
Note that the tests will create some output in examples/rendered_output.
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