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E-mail configuration

Any Zotonic system is capable of sending and receiving e-mail messages over SMTP.

Zotonic implements a mailing system for sending text and HTML messages to one or more recipients.

Out of the box, e-mail sending should "just work".


If you need feedback on messages that have been sent, enable :ref:`mod_logging` which provides an overview of sent/received and bounced messages.

Site-specific settings

Module Key Value
site email_from Set this to the from-address you want to e-mail to appear from, e.g. something like
site email_override If set, all e-mail messages that get sent from zotonic will arrive at this address. Usefull if you are testing but don't want to confuse other people with your test e-mails.
site smtphost The hostname where you want messages to appear from. Mostly used for bounce message handling and the EHLO handshake. Defaults to the site's hostname, but can be overriden
zotonic admin_email E-mail address of the admin user, the address where admin log/debug messages get sent to when using z_email:send_admin/3.

Zotonic-wide settings

The file priv/config can be configured to hold any of the configuration options below. They are in effect for every site running in the Zotonic instance.

Key Description
smtp_relay Whether or not to use a SMTP relay host. Boolean value, defaults to false.
smtp_host The hostname for the SMTP relay host, only needed if smtp_relay is enabled.
smtp_ssl Whether or not to use SSL on the relay host, only needed if smtp_relay is enabled.
smtp_username The username for the relay host, only needed if smtp_relay is enabled.
smtp_password The password for the relay host, only needed if smtp_relay is enabled.
smtp_no_mx_lookups Set to true to not do a MX lookup before sending mail. (default: false)
smtp_verp_as_from Use the "from" address as VERP for bounce handling (default: false)
smtp_bcc Optionally send a BCC of every sent to this address
email_override A global e-mail override. The override logic first checks the site override, and then the global override address.
smtp_spamd_ip Optional IP address for a spamassassin host
smtp_spamd_port Optional port number for a spamassassin host
smtp_bounce_domain Which domain to use for bounce VERP messages. Defaults to the smtp domain.

Sending E-mail

Once configured, you can use the following Erlang commands to send e-mail from Zotonic code:

Command Explanation
z_email:send_admin/3 Sends a quick e-mail to the site administrator. Handy to notice the site admin that something is wrong, a job has finished, etc... The e-mail that is used is the admin_email address that is specified in the site's config file.
z_email:send/4 Sends a text message with a subject to a specified recipient.
z_email:send_render/4 Renders a template and sends it as a HTML message to a specified recipient.

The sender’s domain

Recipients of e-mail want a valid sender’s address on the envelope. This section describes how to set your e-mail bounce/sender domain and fixing domain errors when sending e-mail.

You have to think of e-mail as normal snail mail. There is a message and an envelope.

The email_from is the address that is written on the message. It could be anything, and is generally not used when delivering your mail. Just like with snail mail, the postman only looks on the envelope, not on the message.

The address on the envelope is the most important address. It is where your e-mail is returned to when the message can‘t be delivered (so called bounces). Often it is also checked for validity when the e-mail is delivered at a SMTP server.

You need a valid domain for this envelope sender address. The part before the @ is generated by Zotonic and is used for identifying the original message and recipient when the message bounces.

How does Zotonic know the domain?

It checks in order:

  • global priv/config: smtp_bounce_domain setting
  • site's config: smtphost (you can also set this with the admin config as site.smtphost)
  • site's config: hostname

The part before the @ is generated by Zotonic itself, for administration and detection of bounces. A typical sender address on the envelope looks like:


Check in the admin the log and smtp log. When a message bounces back to the Zotonic SMTP server, you will see errors there. A typical error looks like this:

SMTP: bounce: 504 5.5.2 <noreply+mlcm6godbz2cchtgdvom@oeps>: Sender address rejected: need fully-qualified address To: (1234) From: <noreply+mlcm6godbz2cchtgdvom@oeps>
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