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How to Unit test a Zotonic install.
Basic tests:
This starts the zotonic system and executes all EUnit tests.
However, you will see a lot of failing tests, since the sandboxed test
environment is not started by default, since this needs some setup
regarding the database and hostname.
The sandbox test environment is located at priv/sites/testsandbox, and
behaves just like a regular zotonic site. Create a database like this:
CREATE DATABASE zotonic_testsandbox WITH OWNER = zotonic ENCODING = 'UTF8';
GRANT ALL ON database zotonic_testsandbox TO zotonic;
Rename the priv/sites/testsandbox/ file to config, and edit
it to setenabled = true, and adjust the database settings.
Now, create a hosts entry pointing to localhost: testsandbox
Now, when you start ./ the tests which involve the
testsandbox will be included. At this point you can also point your
browser to http://testsandbox:8000/ to see the sandbox site.
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