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Overriding Zotonic

This chapter describes how to override the templates, styling and logic provided by Zotonic.

Overriding works by adding a site or module that has a higher :ref:`priority <module-priority>` than Zotonic’s built-in modules. In your module/site, you add templates, assets and create notification observers.

Overriding templates

:ref:`Override templates <overriding-templates>` by adding a template with the same name to your module/site.

.. seealso:: :ref:`cookbook-error-pages`

Overriding assets

If you wish to fully override a CSS or JavaScript file, do so in the same way as you do templates: create a file with the same name in your module/site. Alternatively, add your own CSS file and selectively override CSS styles.

Overriding logic

:ref:`Observe notifications <guide-notifications-observe>` to influence the decisions that Zotonic makes. You can change or add properties before a resource is persisted,