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Release 0.8.2

Released on 2012-10-30 11:48 by arjan.

Arjan Scherpenisse (3):

  • Full text search: use the default postgres tsearch catalogs.
  • Add new webzmachine commit for Firefox Websockets fix.
  • mod_import_wordpress: Support schema 1.2; fix XMerl unicode behaviour.

Artur Wilniewczyc (1):

  • fix multipart form data parsing: add new data at the end of previous data

Marc Worrell (8):

  • Fix vulnerability in the random number and id generation. Fixes #369
  • Fix mixup of tr/pl iso codes. With thanks to Kunthar.
  • Allow searching on texts like 'id:1234' to find a specific id.
  • Allow query_id to be a page with 'haspart' objects. Don't throw exceptions on mismatch of categories (this allows a query to be inserted before the referred categories are inserted)
  • Only make queries with the 'is_query_live' flag a live query. Also some extra updates to m_rsc_update for later REST API work. Fixes #344
  • Also merge the sort terms from 'query_id' includes.
  • Add 'publication_before/after' search terms. Fixes issue #361
  • Fix query for haspart of a collection.
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