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Release 0.12.2

Released on 2014-12-18 17:01 by mworrell.

Major changes are:

  • Addition of new notifications for importing media.
  • Authentication using mod_twitter and mod_facebook is now via a popup window
  • mod_twitter can now follow keywords and multiple users
  • New admin menu item Auth -> App Keys & Authentication Services

The following commits were done

Arjan Scherpenisse (3):

  • build: force rebar to build 'setup' app
  • mod_admin: Fix link to query documentation
  • mod_search: Use binary parsing of stored query resource

Arthur Clemens (79):

  • admin: button dropdowns for admin overview filters
  • admin: fix checkbox in language dropdown
  • admin: fix erroneous rule
  • admin: fix insert depiction dialog
  • admin: fix negative margins of editor
  • admin: fix nested links in table
  • admin: fix nested treelist
  • admin: fix tab order of form fields
  • admin: formatting
  • admin: handle multiple lined tree list items
  • admin: hide redundant Category text
  • admin: improve display of thumbnails
  • admin: improve interface in various locations
  • admin: increase y position of fake form fields
  • admin: make long filenames visible
  • admin: make muted a bit lighter
  • admin: minimal design of help buttons
  • admin: more horizontal forms
  • admin: more reordering of less styles
  • admin: multiple css fixes forms and edit blocks
  • admin: NL translation fixes
  • admin: prevent nesting modal-body
  • admin: refactor tabs
  • admin: remove @baseFont reference
  • admin: remove extraneous space
  • admin: remove periods from dialog headers
  • admin: remove unused file
  • admin: tweak admin login in release branch
  • admin: use translated string
  • admin: various markup improvements
  • doc: add action set_class
  • mod_acl_simple_roles: add titles to modules and category names
  • mod_acl_simple_roles: fix div nesting
  • mod_acl_simple_roles: improve modules list
  • mod_acl_simple_roles: NL typo
  • mod_acl_simple_roles: remove period from header
  • mod_admin: allow table parts to be not clickable
  • mod_admin: also update dashboard button row
  • mod_admin: block menu is right aligned
  • mod_admin: bootstrap 3 uses class text-muted
  • mod_admin: break apart dashboard blocks for easier overriding
  • mod_admin: consistent New Page dialog header
  • mod_admin: css tweaks
  • mod_admin: enable "All pages" button when qcat is defined
  • mod_admin: handle empty cat param value
  • mod_admin: improve stacked elements within widgets
  • mod_admin: layout and translation of dialog Duplicate Page
  • mod_admin: make button dropdown alignment configurable
  • mod_admin: make white borders in media visible
  • mod_admin: more horizontal forms
  • mod_admin: NL typos
  • mod_admin: organize less styles in separate files
  • mod_admin: preserve query string when changing category
  • mod_admin: prevent disappearing of media images after undo
  • mod_admin: remove period from logged in user
  • mod_admin: show category and query in window title
  • mod_admin: show crop center in connection overview
  • mod_admin: show unpublished state in connected media
  • mod_admin: smaller crop center lines
  • mod_admin: support em-based buttons in button row
  • mod_admin: update table row hover, make colors consistent
  • mod_admin: use close button without glyphicon element
  • mod_admin_config: consistent field widths
  • mod_authentication: remove period from header
  • mod_backup: typo
  • mod_backup: use bullet list for warnings
  • mod_base: document params width and addclass in js source
  • mod_base: fix dialog text
  • mod_base: missing button style
  • mod_base: remove unused line of code
  • mod_base: support dialog option backdrop "static"
  • mod_base: tweak debug info
  • mod_editor_tinymce: add newest version
  • mod_editor_tinymce: add option to always use the newest version
  • mod_editor_tinymce: if no config, use newest
  • mod_editor_tinymce: limit autoresize; fix resize handle bug
  • mod_oembed: activate upload button
  • mod_seo: optimize descriptions
  • mod_signup: remove period from link

Maas-Maarten Zeeman (10):

  • Changed the websocket implementation.
  • core: Added recon application
  • core: Fix: return default when there is no session.
  • deps: Updated mochiweb, ip-log fix for R15
  • deps: upgraded sendfile
  • deps: Upgraded webzmachine and mochiweb
  • mod_base: More careful websocket handshake.
  • mod_base: Removed commented out code.
  • mod_seo: Make noindex and notrack configurable from templates
  • Removed comment to fix edoc generation

Marc Worrell (47):

  • Add docs
  • core: add exceptions for .xls and .xlsx files to z_media_identify. Fixes #893
  • core: added comment explaining expire_1 and expire_n for sessions. Issue #881
  • core: allow a non-integer category id to be passed to all_flat/2
  • core: allow setting any rsc property that is 'undefined' to 'false'.
  • core: ensure all db timestamp columns have a time zone.
  • core: fix args for transport ack.
  • core: fix problem where mod_signed_url could not keep the user logged on.
  • core: fix problem where the custom redirects form was not saved
  • core: fix specs in z_db.
  • core: make session cookie name configurable (solves problems where old cookies might interfere, especially on Chrome)
  • core: on context prune-for-scomp, leave an empty list for request headers. Normalize user-agent lookup.
  • core: removed debug from z_pivot_rsc
  • core: the {% script %} tag has now arguments.
  • core: z_search: fix acl check sql query.
  • Create database when starting site
  • docs: adapt docs to changes in files.
  • install: use openssl to generate the admin password, as tr/urandom combo hangs on OS X. Fixes #847
  • Make menu_subtree compatible with names
  • media/embed: fixes for twitter streaming, added notifications for importing and analyzing fetch url media-data.
  • mod_admin/mod_admin_frontend: preparations to allow creation of resources via the edit page.
  • mod_admin: remove api dispatch rule, also defined in mod_base.
  • mod_admin: return the correct context in controller_admin_media_preview
  • mod_admin_frontend: fix a problem where combining the nestedSortable.js lib with other js files will result in errornous drag behaviour
  • mod_authentication: export send_reminder/2 and lookup_identities/2.
  • mod_authentication: fix logon_box form input "password"
  • mod_authentication: Refactor twitter/facebook logon and signup code.
  • mod_base: do not redirect if redirect id is set to undefined
  • mod_base: fix js error in livevalidation.
  • mod_base: for catinclude, don't assign passed categories to 'id'. Only assign a resource id to id.
  • mod_base: in do_popupwindow use e.preventDefault() to play nice with multiple click event listeners.
  • mod_base: remove extra </div> from phone/_navbar
  • mod_email_receive: when adding recipiens, catch references to non existing rsc
  • mod_facebook: add delegate for saving settings.
  • mod_menu/admin_frontend: final fix for new-page topic on menu insertion.
  • mod_menu: correct pubzub.publish topic.
  • mod_menu: remove console.log message.
  • mod_mqtt: fix js error in for loops.
  • mod_mqtt: fix problem where removing one topic listener removed all listeners. Cleanup live subscriptions for removed elemnts.
  • mod_oembed: don't display the media twice in the admin
  • mod_oembed: remove http: protocol from embed html, this enables content to be viewable on https: pages.
  • mod_search: allow dates like 'now' and '+2 weeks' in search questions.
  • mod_survey: allow printable overview if user has edit rights.
  • mod_translation: add more rtl languages.
  • mod_twitter: fix edoc problem.
  • Remove is_integer check for cc5d94
  • smtp: more relaxed error handling for spamd errors.
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