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Wiring it up: actions and postbacks

Actions are the basis of all interactivity on a Zotonic web page.

A Zotonic :ref:`Wire <scomp-wire>` is an attached handler to HTML elements and events. A wire indicates that something should happen when the wire is triggered. What should happen, is specified as the action.

The :ref:`scomp-wire` scomp attached actions to to HTML elements or Javascript events.

Actions range from a simple jQuery :ref:`action-show` to Ajax :ref:`action-postback`s that can trigger many other actions. The server can also reply to a :term:`postback` or :term:`Comet` push with actions to be executed on the browser.

A simple example is the following:

<a href="#" id="link">Click me!</a>
{% wire type="click" id="link" action={fade_out target="link"} %}

This :ref:`scomp-wire`s up a link with a :ref:`action-fade_out` action, so that when the link is clicked, it fades away.

This is obviously a trivial example, but nevertheless demonstrates the power. These actions can be called from the template, but can also be called based on some server-side event that occurs.

Making the templates this way is a different approach from the usual Javascript onLoad() binding of events, but, once you’re used to it, is really simple to use and very, very powerful.

Wiring form submits

A form is wired up in the following way:

{% wire type="submit" id="myform" postback="form_submitted" delegate="mysite" %}
<form id="myform" method="post" action="postback">
    <input name="username" />
    <button>Submit form</button>

This will bind let the form submit over Ajax; the result is that a function will be called in the specified delegate module mysite.erl, called event/2:

event(#submit{}, Context) ->
    io:format("The value of 'username' is: ~s~n", z_context:get("username", Context),

Wiring other events

Writing postbacks

Whenever you want something to happen on the server from an action, you use a postback.

Implementing custom actions

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