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controler_api processes authorized REST API requests: It provides an easy way to create API calls to allow computer programs to perform functions on your Zotonic site.

controller_api by default intercepts all URLs according to the patterns /api/:module/:method and the URL /api/:module. See the :ref:`guide-services` manual for more information.


See :ref:`guide-services-auth` on how authentication is done when using this controller.

Creating services at a non-standard URL

.. versionadded:: 0.8

It is possible to pre-fill the required module and method parameters so that you can use controller_api at another entry point. For instance, the following :ref:`dispatch rule <guide-dispatch>` is valid:

{dosomething,    ["do", "something"], controller_api, [{module, "foobar"}, {method, "test"}]}

This would invoke the mod_foobar/services/service_foobar_test.erl service at the url /do/something,

.. seealso:: :ref:`guide-dispatch` and :ref:`guide-controllers`.