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Handle different content representations of a page.

Redirects to different representations of a page, depending on the requested content type. The redirect is done using a “303 See Other” status. A “404 Not Found” or “410 Gone” is returned if the requested page never existed or has been deleted.

When no content types are requested then text/html is selected.

This controller is also used for a page’s short url representation.

Example dispatch rule (from mod_base):

{id, ["id", id], controller_id, []}

This controller does not have any dispatch options.

This controller handles the following query argument:

Option Description Example URL
id Id of the requested :term:`resource`. /id/1234

The list of provided content types is collected with a foldr notification (see :ref:`manual-notification`) of the type content_types_dispatch. Modules should add their provided content types in front of the accumulator. The added entries are tuples: {MimeType, DispatchRuleName}.

Example of adding a content type handler adding a text/plain handler with the dispatch rule rsc_text:

observe_content_types_provided(content_types_dispatch, Acc, Context) ->
    [{"text/plain", rsc_text} | Acc].
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