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Filter out media ids that are embedded in the body, body_extra and text blocks of your page.

This filter lets you loop over every image that is not included in the embedded body texts of the given page. This makes it easy to only show images that have not been shown already:

{% for media_id in m.rsc[id].media|without_embedded_media:id %}
    {% media media_id width=315 extent %}
{% endfor %}

The only argument to the filter is the id of the page that you want to consider for filtering from the body text.

There is an optional second argument to only consider media ids in the body and body_extra properties:

{% for media_id in m.rsc[id].media|without_embedded_media:id:0 %}
    {% media media_id width=315 extent %}
{% endfor %}
.. seealso:: :ref:`filter-show_media`, :ref:`filter-embedded_media`