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The m_identity model manages usernames and other user identities. :ref:`mod_authentication` uses it to store and check salted passwords, but also provides a safe storage for user tokens of any kind, as used by :ref:`mod_facebook` and :ref:`mod_twitter`.

Note that a user does not have to be of the person category per se, in Zotonic anything can have identities attached to it.

The following m_identity model properties are available in templates:

Property Description Example value
is_user Check if a page id is an user. Return a bool. Usage: m.identity[page_id].is_user true
username Fetch the username, if any, of an user. Returns a binary or undefined. Usage: m.identity[page_id].username <<"admin">>
.. seealso:: :ref:`guide-auth`, :ref:`mod_authentication`,
             :ref:`mod_twitter` or :ref:`mod_facebook`.