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Retrieve information that is stored in the :ref:`site configuration <ref-site-configuration>`. If you want to query values from the config table instead, you should use :ref:`model-config`.


In general the site configurarion is only accessible via the template model for users with administrator rights. Exceptions are {{ }}, hostname configurations and the paglen.

Fetch a site configuration key

Example, fetching the site configuration key “hostname”:

{{ }}

Fetching all configurations

It is easy to loop over all site configurations:

{% for key, value in %}
  {{ key }} -- {{ value }} <br />
{% endfor %}

Overriding config values

Zotonic has two places where a site’s configuration is kept. One is in the site’s config files, the other in the config table. The config table (accessible through :ref:`model-config`) overrules any module settings from the config file, for rows where the module key of the config value is set to site.

Within the site configuration, you can override module-specific configuration: Module configurations are defined with a property key equal to the module name, with a property list as value. For example:

{mod_foo, [ {hostname, "localhost"} ]}

will put the default "hostname" setting of the imaginary mod_foo module to localhost.