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Logs messages to the database and adds log views to the admin.

Logging messages to the database

To persist a log message in the database, enable mod_logging in your Zotonic site. Then, in your code, send the #zlog{} notification:


some_function() ->
    %% do some things

            user_id = z_acl:user(Context),
                severity = ?LOG_ERROR,
                message_nr = MsgId,
                mailer_status = bounce,
                mailer_host = z_convert:ip_to_list(Peer),
                envelop_to = BounceEmail,
                envelop_from = "<>",
                to_id = z_acl:user(Context),
                props = []

E-mail log

The e-mail log is a separate view, which lists which email messages have been sent to which recipients. Any mail that gets sent gets logged here.

.. seealso::

    For regular application logging, use :ref:`Lager <dev-logging>` instead.

.. todo:: Add more documentation
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