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This module presents an interface for letting users register themselves.


You can adjust this module’s behaviour with the following :ref:`dev-configuration-parameters`:

.. attribute:: mod_signup.request_confirm

    true (default)
        send a signup confirmation e-mail to new users

        disable the signup confirmation e-mail

.. attribute:: mod_signup.username_equals_email

    false (default)
        users have a username separate from their e-mail address and use that
        username for logging in

        the user’s e-mail address is also the user’s username, so users can
        log in with their e-mail address.

.. attribute:: mod_signup.member_category

    Name of the category that users created through sign up will be placed in.

    Defaults to ``person``.

.. attribute:: mod_signup.content_group

    Name of the content group that users created through sign up will be placed

    Defaults to ``default_content_group``.

Config: Using the user’s e-mail address as username

By setting a configuration value, it is possible to use the entered email address as the username.

Set the configuration value mod_signup.username_equals_email to true.

This makes the username equal to the email address, so that the user can log in using his email address instead of a separate user name. Note that when you allow a user to change his email, take care to update the {username_pw, {Username, Password}} identity as well, otherwise the username remains equal to the old email address.



Fold for determining which signup fields to validate. This is an array of {Fieldname, Validate} tuples, defaulting to:

    {email, true},
    {name_first, true},
    {name_surname_prefix, false},
    {name_surname, true}

Observers can add / remove fields using the accumulator value that is passed into the notification.

identify_verification{user_id=UserId, identity=Ident}

Send verification requests to unverified identities.


Fold for the signup preflight check. Allows to add extra user properties or abort the signup.

If no {ok, _Props1, SignupProps} is returned, but {error, Reason}, the signup is aborted.

signup_done{id=Id, is_verified=IsVerified, props=Props, signup_props=SignupProps}

Fired when a signup procedure is done and a user has been created.


Fired when a users have signed up and confirmed their identity (e.g. via e-mail).


Decide to which page a user gets redirected to after signup.

.. todo:: Add more documentation