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Show a pie chart with 3D effect.

This scomp is just a convenient interface to the :ref:`{% chart_pie %} <scomp-chart_pie>` scomp with the threed argument set to true.

For example:

{% chart_pie3d data=[["firefox",23],
                     ["internet explorer", 67],
                     ["other", 3]]


<img class='google_chart' alt='google chart' src=',10&chs=300x150&chg=0,0,1,5&chf=bg,s,ffffff|c,s,ffffff&chdlp=b&chbh=-3,3,7&chxt=x&chxl=0:|firefox|internet%20explorer|safari|chrome|other&chxs=0,909090,10&chco=&chds=0,100&chd=t:23,67,4,3,3&chls=1,1,0' width='300' height='150'/>

Or, as an image:


.. seealso:: :ref:`scomp-google_chart` and :ref:`scomp-chart_pie`.