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Mark an element as valid drag destination.

The droppable tag is used in conjunction with the :ref:`{% draggable %} <scomp-draggable>` tag to implement drag & drop. Elements that are marked as droppable can receive drops of draggable elements. Drag & drop generates dragdrop events that are sent to the :term:`controller` or the :term:`delegate`.

For example:

<div id="dropzone">Drop your stuff here</div>
{% droppable id="dropzone" tag="drop-tag" %}

Now draggable elements can de dropped onto the div with id “dropzone”. When a draggable is dropped then event/2 of the controller or delegate Erlang module is called signaling the drop (and also the drag to the module receiving the draggable events):

event({drop, Drag, Drop}, Context).

Where both Drag and Drop are #dragdrop records:

-record(dragdrop, {tag, delegate, id}).

The droppable tag accepts the following arguments:

Argument Description Example
id The id of the element that will accept drops of draggables. id="dropzone"
tag The tag of the droppable that is sent as part of the drag and drop events. This can be any value, including a tuple. tag={subject id=123}
active The droppable will have this CSS class added when there is an acceptable draggable being dragged. active="draghere"
hover The droppable will have this CSS class added when there is an acceptable draggable hovering over it. active="dropnow"
accept The group the droppable accepts. See the group argument of the draggable. A droppable can accept multiple groups, just repeat the accept argument. accept="edges"
delegate The Erlang module that will receive the drop event after a successful drop.  
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