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Exports a "dump" of the given :term:`resource`. A dump is a JSON object with rsc, category, media, edges sub-objects. When requesting the service:


The following might be returned:

  "id": 325,
  "uri": "http://localhost:8000/en/id/325",
  "rsc": {
      "category_id": 106,
      "created": "2012-10-25 16:18:08",
      "creator_id": 1,
      "id": 325,
      "is_authoritative": true,
      "is_featured": false,
      "is_protected": true,
      "is_published": true,
      "modified": "2012-10-25 16:18:08",
      "modifier_id": 1,
      "name": "wordpress_1",
      "page_path": null,
      "pivot_geocode": null,
      "publication_end": "undefined",
      "publication_start": "2008-04-15 09:28:00",
      "slug": "a-somewhat-brief-history",
      "uri": null,
      "version": 6,
      "visible_for": 0,
      "date_end": null,
      "date_start": null,
      "title": "A (somewhat) brief history",
      "body": "<p>...</p>",
      "summary": "",
      "custom_slug": true,
      "installed_by": "mod_import_wordpress"
  "edges": [
          "predicate_id": 301,
          "predicate_name": "author",
          "object_id": 321,
          "seq": 1000000,
          "predicate_uri": "http://localhost:8000/en/id/301",
          "predicate_title": {
          "trans": {
              "en": "Author",
              "nl": "Auteur"
          "object_uri": "http://localhost:8000/en/id/321",
          "object_title": "jlueck"
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