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Search Zotonic’s :term:`resources <resource>` using the :ref:`manual-datamodel-query-model`.

For instance, the API call:


Returns a JSON list of all resource ids of the :ref:`category <manual-datamodel-categories>` text that contain the string test:


Adding &format=simple to the API call gives us a list of JSON objects:

      "category": [
      "id": 338,
      "preview_url": "",
      "summary": {
          "trans": {
              "en": "English summary",
              "es": "Spanish summary"
      "title": {
          "trans": {
              "en": "English",
              "es": "Hola hola Espanol"


You can enter all parameters that are in the standard :ref:`manual-datamodel-query-model`.

Besides, the following parameters exist:


The number of results to return. Defaults to 20; maximum number to return per call is 1000. To return more, do multiple requests with the offset parameter.


Start offset for the result set.


Either ids to return a plain array of rsc ids; or simple to return a list of JSON objects with the resource's title, summary, category, and preview_url (the first image).
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