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Combine css and javascript includes in a single request.

Generates a <link /> or <script /> element for including the given libraries. This combines all css and javascript files in one request, saving multiple roundtrips to the server.


{% lib

Will output:

<link href="/lib/css/zp-compressed~zp-admin~zp-wysiwyg~zp-dialog~zp-formreplace~zp-finder~zp-growl~63417066183.css" type="text/css" media="all" rel="stylesheet" />

The number at the end is the Unix modification time of the most recently changed file.

The lib tag supports optional arguments to control the resulting html tag:

Option Default Description
use_absolute_url false If true, prefix the generated URL with "http://{hostname}/".
title <empty> Specify a value for the title attribute of the link tag.
media "all" Specify value for the media attribute of the link tag.
rel "stylesheet" Specify value for the rel attribute of the link tag.
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