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Creates a sitemap.xml file for your site, containing links to all publicly accessible pages.

mod_seo_sitemap creates a sitemap.xml file for which is used by the Google bot to index your site. By default, its generated sitemap.xml lists all pages of the categories text, event, location, collection and person in the system which are publicly viewable.

Creating a sitemap without using mod_seo_sitemap

If you have a site with mostly static URLS, it might be easier to create your own sitemap XML file. If you create a dispatch rule like this:

{sitemap_xml, ["sitemap.xml"], controller_template, [{template, "mysitemap.tpl"}, {content_type, "text/xml"}]}

You will be able to write your own sitemap.xml file (in a mysitemap.tpl template) without using mod_seo_sitemap. This might be handy if you serve mostly static files.

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