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This action redirects the browser to another page or back to the previous page.


{% button title="home" action={redirect location="/"} %}

Redirects back to the home page when the button is clicked.

Back in history example:

{% button title="Back" action={redirect back} %}

After clicking the button the browser will go back to the last page using the Javascript history.

Example of using dispatch rules for the redirect location:

{% button title="edit" action={redirect dispatch="admin_edit_rsc" id=my_id} %}

When clicked the browser is redirected to the admin edit page for the :term:`resource` with the id of my_id.

This action can have the following arguments:

Argument Description Example
back When given then the browser is directed to the previous page. back
dispatch The name of a dispatch rule. All other parameters are assumed to be parameters for the dispatch rule. dispatch="admin"
id When back and dispatch are not defined then the redirect uri will be the page_url of the resource. id=42
location The http address to redirect to. Can be an url with or without host name. location=""
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