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Show a page menu.

This tag is part of the module mod_menu. The {% menu %} tag is used to generate the HTML for the menu defined in the admin.

You can define multiple menu's in your site. By default there is one menu, called “main_menu”. If you want another one, create a page of type “page menu” (under “Categorization”) and start editing your menu. You can use the “menu_id” argument to select which menu you want to display.


{% menu id=id %}

Generates something like:

<ul id="navigation" class="clearfix at-menu do_superfish">
  <li id="nav-item-1" class=" first ">
    <a href="/" class="welcome">Home</a>
  <li id="nav-item-2" class="">
    <a href="/features" class="page_features">Features</a>
  <li id="nav-item-3" class="">
    <a href="/documentation" class=" current documentation">Documentation</a>
  <li id="nav-item-4" class=" last ">
    <a href="/documentation/628/installation" class="page_install">Install</a>

The menu has the following features:

  • The menu is a unordered list.
  • The id of the menu is "navigation".
  • The class of the menu is always "clearfix at-menu do_superfish"
  • Menu items are a <li> with a single <a>
  • The first and last <li> are given the respective classes "first" and "last".
  • The link of the menu item referring to the current page has the class "current"
  • Every link also gets the unique name of the target as a class.
  • Every menu item can have single level submenus. A submenu has the same properties as the menu.
Argument Description Example
id Set this to the id of the current shown page and it wil highlight its page path.  
menu_id The id of the menu that you want to display. If left empty, the main menu is shown.  
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