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doc: Document site's streamhost, smtphost, cookie_domain options.

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@@ -99,6 +99,19 @@ The following options can be configured:
``{install_modules, [<modules>...]}``
List all modules that should be enabled when installing the site data.
+``{smtphost, "..."}``
+ Hostname you want e-mail messages to appear from. See :ref:`manual-email`.
+``{streamhost, "..."}``
+ The hostname that will be used for streaming comet/websocket
+ requests. This hostname will be used in the browser for the stream
+ connections instead of the main hostname, to circumvent browser
+ limitations on the number of open sockets per host.
+``{cookie_domain, "..."}``
+ The domain the Zotonic session-id and page-id cookies will be set
+ on. Defaults to the main hostname.
Database connection options

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