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6 doc/tutorials/install-addsite.rst
@@ -27,6 +27,8 @@ called ``yoursite``.
bin/zotonic addsite -s blog yoursite
+ .. note:: zotonic has to be running for the addsite command to succeed.
This will add a site named yoursite. Its default URL will be
http://yoursite:8000/ so either put 'yoursite' in your hosts file
or change the {hostname} section of the config file.
@@ -35,9 +37,9 @@ called ``yoursite``.
your database credentials and the hostname are correct, and change
the password for the admin.
-5. Rebuild Zotonic by typing ``make``, and then start it using ``bin/zotonic debug``.
+5. Rebuild Zotonic by typing ``make``, and then (re)start it using ``bin/zotonic debug``.
-6. Now Zotonic will install the initial database. When something goes
+6. Now Zotonic will install the initial database. If something goes
wrong here, then it is almost always a problem with the database
connection. Double-check your database configuration in the
`priv/sites/yoursite/config` file.
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