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Extended notifier documentation (a little bit)

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@@ -8,3 +8,10 @@ components with pluggable interface. The notifier system is used by
internal core zotonic components like the authentication mechanism,
the logging system and more.
+The notification system can not only act as a traditional event
+subscription system but also as an advance priority based function d
+ispatch system. It uses the priority system which is used to select
+templates. This makes it possible to override pre-defined default
+behaviour of core zotonic modules.
+todo:: what is a logical place to list and describe all notifications? Here?

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arjan commented on 92466ee Nov 14, 2012

I think firstly this page should be about the general structure of the notification system, the different notification types (fold, map, ...) and how to listen to notifications.

About which notifications to list here: I would say, this page lists and documents all notifications that are in the core; but the module-specific notifications could go on the module documentation page.

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