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core: remove accidently added notes about federated zotonic.

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mworrell committed Mar 21, 2013
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-Make a web system hosting multiple sites on multiple locations. All locations work together in serving the web sites, balancing load and sharing backups. Web sites contain different data but cooperate in a federation where they share data and resources.
-- distribute backups using (modified) p2p/torrent protocols
-- failover: start a site & load backup from network
-- distribute processing (image resizing, email decoding etc) to low load machines
-- federate content
-- pubsub for distributing updates
-- backup/store files on cloud systems (s3, greenqloud, etc)
-- shared logons/ authentication
-- share/distribute content
-- pubsub for cooperation
-Every server needs:
-- PolderCast for distributed PubSub
-- Bittorrent for distributing backups and other big backups
-- DNS server for failover and location handling
-- Upload files using dropbox

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