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doc: Add release notes for 0.9.1

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+Release 0.9.1
+Released on 2013-03-14 19:31 by arjan.
+Andreas Stenius (21):
+* core: add support for 'optional include' templates.
+* doc: Add `build:` tag to list of prefixes.
+* doc: Add `translations:` tag to list of prefixes.
+* doc: add links to other versions of the docs.
+* doc: fix version links.
+* doc: removed a tag from the version being browsed.
+* doc: rename `translations:` to `translation:`.
+* doc: rename link to 0.9
+* doc: renamed sidebar template to be more generic.
+* doc: update frontend-growl cookbook entry.
+* mod_admin: optionally include country options.
+* zotonic-tpl-mode: add testsuite.
+* zotonic-tpl-mode: bind C-M-\ to zotonic-tpl-indent-buffer.
+* zotonic-tpl-mode: do not treat underscore as being part of a word.
+* zotonic-tpl-mode: fix for indenting consequtive closing template tags.
+* zotonic-tpl-mode: fix html tag highlighting when attr value contains //.
+* zotonic-tpl-mode: indentation fixes.
+Arjan Scherpenisse (49):
+* Ensure iconv is started
+* New z_stdlib module
+* basesite skel: Add show_media filter to home template
+* build: Explicitly build lager first
+* controller_api: Fix throwing a 404 error when service module not is found
+* core: Fix use of hostname in startup / management scripts
+* core: Include the request hostname in a dispatch rewrite notification
+* core: Keep file extension when it is allowed for the file's mime type
+* doc: Add paragraph about multiple assignments to `with` tag docs
+* doc: Add some documentation about startup environment variables
+* doc: Document how to override TinyMCE options
+* doc: Document mod_tkvstore
+* doc: Document the "remove" action
+* doc: Document the arguments of the "lazy" scomp
+* doc: Explain API service naming in more detail
+* doc: Explain the make_list filter to force model evaluation
+* doc: Improve wording on replace filter
+* doc: show_media filter: correct the default value for media dimensions
+* mod_admin: Add button to run schema install from the site's module again
+* mod_admin: Add inlinepopups TinyMCE plugin.
+* mod_admin: Fix redirect to admin page when using admin logon form
+* mod_admin: Fix some errors in new rsc dialog
+* mod_admin: Fix view button class on readonly edit page
+* mod_admin: Prevent id confict between forms
+* mod_admin: clicking the "move" indicator of an edge should not open the details dialog
+* mod_admin_config: Truncate large config values in the config table
+* mod_admin_identity: Show inactive users in a lightgrey color
+* mod_admin_predicate: Fix escaping of translated text in predicate help popup
+* mod_base: Add z_stream_restart() function to zotonic-1.0.js
+* mod_base: CSS typo
+* mod_base: Fix 'width' argument for Bootstrap modal
+* mod_base: Fix remember password for Chrome
+* mod_base: Fix rendering issue in TinyMCE when scrolling
+* mod_base: Log error in widgetmanager when evaluating the JSON data attribute fails
+* mod_base: Remove accidental console.log
+* mod_base: make controller_page:get_id/1 return undefined when no id is found
+* mod_signup: Add fold notification for determining which fields to validate
+* mod_signup: Allow signups with email only
+* mod_survey: New question type "multiple choice"
+* mod_translation: Add zh to languages list, add Shuyu Wang to translators
+* mod_translation: Make checkbox for setting language as part of the URL
+* mod_twitter: Change URL where one can resolve a Twitter ID
+* scripts: Fix typo in zotonic-update
+* scripts: When zotonic is not running, echo the output of erl_call
+* translation: Add complete Chinese(zh) translation
+* z_media_identify: Fix typo in re-run command on identify fail
+Feather Andelf (1):
+* translations: Chinese(zh) translations by Shuyu Wang aka andelf
+Grzegorz Junka (2):
+* Update controller_static_pages documentation
+* skel: Update default nodb skeleton config
+Ilyas Gasanov (1):
+* translation: Added more complete Russian translations
+Maas-Maarten Zeeman (1):
+* Check if ua_classifier is functioning at startup.
+Marc Worrell (57):
+* core: add option 'use_absolute_url' to args and context of url generation (pages and media)
+* core: added 'runtime' option to 'include' tag. (Renamed from undocumented and legacy 'scomp' argument.)
+* core: added option to force the protocol of user facing urls. This is useful when a proxy translates between https and http.
+* core: added z:ld(modulename), z:restart(sitename) and z:flush(sitename)
+* core: added z_render:update_iframe/3. Used to render a template and place it into an iframe.
+* core: allow an included file to use extends/overrules within the scope of the included file.
+* core: allow anonymous access to the page_url_abs property.
+* core: better error messages for z_db:q and q1 in case of sql errors.
+* core: cache result of check if a specific module is enabled.
+* core: ensure resource ids passed to the ACL are integers. This makes ACL modules simpler.
+* core: fix for forced host/protocol redirects by mod_ssl
+* core: fix return value of protocol redirect.
+* core: fix spec of function.
+* core: m_rsc - sanitize the uri input
+* core: merges z_user_agent modifications from master (e3a6605ab3f9c48bda7eaa2d37c12bc7ad58a67b)
+* core: more error messages instead of match error.
+* core: prevent sites dispatcher from crashing when redirect page dispatch rule is missing.
+* core: psql: better error message for insert/delete
+* core: remove start/stop of iconv (is now eiconv)
+* core: removed some ununsed var warnings.
+* core: return 'undefined' for m_rsc:rid([]) lookups.
+* core: show a stack trace when a periodic task crashes.
+* core: use z_context:abs_url/1 when redirecting to the main site url. Also make it a permanent redirect (301)
+* deps: add eiconv as git submodule.
+* doc: add google analytics code.
+* doc: added some missing smtp options
+* doc: fix in docs for split_in and vsplit_in filters.
+* eiconv: fix for warning on linux about missing iconv library.
+* facebook/twitter: fix redirects, page_url is now a binary.
+* mod_admin_identity: added #identity_verified{} notitication. Used to mark a verified identity to an user.
+* mod_admin_identity: added a control to add/verify e-mail identities instead of the e-mail address input for a person.
+* mod_admin_identity: fix for update_done notifications other than insert and update.
+* mod_authentication: fixes for password reset e-mail and some error feedback messages.
+* mod_base/core: added 'qarg' argument to postback actions. Enables adding the value of input elements as query args to the postback.
+* mod_base: don't handle onsubmit validations for 'nosubmit' input elements.
+* mod_base: moved the e-mail validation regexp to z_stdlib's z_email_utils.erl.
+* mod_base: remove all zmodal masks when removing existing zmodals.
+* mod_base_site: add style for meta share button
+* mod_export: added generic export controller and notifications. (docs will be added)
+* mod_l10n: added translations for relative time desciptions in the core z_datetime.erl.
+* mod_search: allow nested category lists, allowing for more flexible category specification.
+* mod_seo: fix for showing the summary when there is no seo description for the page.
+* mod_seo: let search engines only index pages with real translation.
+* mod_seo_sitemap: added category specific setting for update frequency and indexing priority.
+* mod_seo_sitemap: fix for url generation, should page_url_abs.
+* mod_seo_sitemap: generate language version links when mod_translation is enabled.
+* mod_seo_sitemap: removed extra template, now uses catinclude.
+* mod_seo_sitemap: use 'all catinclude' to fetch the extra seo options.
+* mod_survey: added 'answers' option to survey_start, allowing answers to be preset (or added)
+* mod_survey: fix for yes/no and true/false questions with immediate submit.
+* modules: check if table is present before trying to create it.
+* smtp: fix edocs parsing problem on binary notation in comments.
+* smtp: use eiconv instead of iconv. Add better bounce recognition and is_bulk/is_auto flags for received e-mail.
+Mgpld (1):
+* mod_base: Modal html title in z.dialog
+furiston (1):
+* translations: Turkish translations by Evren Kutar aka furiston

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