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Commits on Jan 19, 2012
  1. @mmzeeman

    Also refactored postback_notify. The refactor is backward compatible …

    mmzeeman authored
    …for postbacks, but not for notifications. The notification now also contains the trigger and target ids of the elements. This can lead to crashes in code which did not use records for notifications.
  2. @mmzeeman

    Oops trigger should be form

    mmzeeman authored
  3. @mmzeeman
  4. @mmzeeman
  5. @mmzeeman

    Backward compatible refactor. Moved submit and postback to records in…

    mmzeeman authored
    … order to make things more clear and remove the _TriggerId, _TargetId (or was it vice versa?) code. Todo are drag, drop, postback_notify and sort events.
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