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Jun 10, 2014

  1. Arjan Scherpenisse

    doc: Clarify upgrade notes on changed global config files

    arjan authored
  2. Marc Worrell

    core: remove /priv/sites from the .gitignore.

    It now contains sites that are part of the core source tree and should be committed.
    mworrell authored

Jun 03, 2014

  1. Arjan Scherpenisse

    core: Separate user sites, user modules and global config from the pr…

    …iv/ directory
    Fixes #767
    See #767 for the full
    specification and discussion.
    The zotonic.config file is now search for in $HOME/.zotonic/<version,
    $HOME/.zotonic, /etc/zotonic/<version>/ and /etc/zotonic.
    The directory where user-defined sites and modules are searched in are
    now defined in the user_sites_dir and user_modules_dir config
    variables. These defaults to $ZOTONIC/user/sites and
    $ZOTONIC/users/modules, respectively.
    The "zotonic enablesite" and "zotonic disablesite" commands are removed.
    The compilation of zotonic is now handled in the zotonic_compile.erl
    module instead of in the Emakefile (due to the variable nature of the
    user_sites_dir we can no longer use an Emakefile with hardcoded paths).
    Compilation of Zotonic is now done in a few parallel worker processes,
    to speed it up.
    arjan authored

May 27, 2014

  1. Arjan Scherpenisse

    core: Use a standard global zotonic.config file

    We now use a standard zotonic.config file, which is formatted just like
    application config files in Erlang. This file is read by Erlang on VM
    startup. Writing config file is no longer supported (z_config:set/2) as
    this was only used to set the global password. A password is now
    generated by bash when the zotonic.config file does not yet exist.
    Fixes #403
    See also #767
    arjan authored

Jun 13, 2013

  1. amiramix

    core: tidy-up after asking lager to log to 'log' instead of 'sasl' fo…

    …lder + move webmachine-specific logging options to the webzmachine application + get rid of no longer used configuration options
    amiramix authored arjan committed

Mar 14, 2013

  1. Andreas Stenius

    build: folsom need to know where the deps are.

    kaos authored

Mar 10, 2013

  1. Arjan Scherpenisse

    i18n: Remove .pot files from the repository

    They are generated by mod_translation, so can easily be re-created.
    arjan authored

Mar 05, 2013

  1. amiramix

    Use Rebar to manage and compile dependencies and optionally compile Z…

    amiramix authored

Aug 25, 2012

  1. amiramix

    Tidy up .gitignore a little bit

    amiramix authored

Mar 11, 2012

  1. Arjan Scherpenisse

    Fixes #273

    - Russian translations,
    - fix exdev bug in media archive module
    - add crop +x+y support
    Squashed commit of the following:
    commit c1f48f6
    Author: Arjan Scherpenisse <>
    Date:   Sun Mar 11 08:29:05 2012 +0100
        Cleanups for merging #273
    commit 5e1e083
    Author: Konstantin Nikiforov <>
    Date:   Sat Mar 10 22:16:55 2012 +0400
        .hgignore: add some stuff from deps/
    commit 9a2fcb5
    Author: Konstantin Nikiforov <>
    Date:   Sat Mar 10 21:55:47 2012 +0400
        fixes for previous pull request
    commit ebc0e8d
    Author: Konstantin Nikiforov <>
    Date:   Sun Dec 4 12:19:19 2011 +0300
        resource_file_readonly: removed code duplication
    commit 3d66d14
    Author: Konstantin Nikiforov <>
    Date:   Thu Oct 27 13:21:41 2011 +0300
        {% image %}: crop="+X+Y" support
    commit 02d6c0e
    Author: Konstantin Nikiforov <>
    Date:   Thu Dec 1 23:29:33 2011 +0300
        more russian translations
    commit 8e635c2
    Author: Konstantin Nikiforov <>
    Date:   Thu Dec 1 22:12:07 2011 +0300
        z_media_archive: avoid exdev error when moving file between two fs
    commit d6c368b
    Author: Konstantin Nikiforov <>
    Date:   Thu Dec 1 18:56:08 2011 +0300
        mod_l10n/ru.po: it will be better to use genitive wordform for months
    commit 36da34c
    Author: Konstantin Nikiforov <>
    Date:   Thu Dec 1 18:06:07 2011 +0300
        added some garbage patterns into .(hg|git)ignore
        *.swp - vim buffer
        *.mo  - binary compiled representation of .po traslation files
    commit 6f93ce4
    Author: Konstantin Nikiforov <>
    Date:   Thu Dec 1 18:05:05 2011 +0300
        mod_acl_simple_roles: russian translation
    arjan authored

Sep 06, 2011

  1. Alain O'Dea

    Ignore compile output and runtime generated files

     - Convert .hgignore to .gitignore
     - Add rules to skip temporary site files used for upload and preview
    AlainODea authored
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