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Oct 02, 2013
Maas-Maarten Zeeman mod_ssl: Fix for generating absulute urls when there is no request data 8781784
Andreas Stenius Merge pull request #669 from cillianderoiste/master
Add cookbook item on creating custom content blocks
Marc Worrell docs: mod_ssl, add explanation how to generate the .csr file for cert…
…ificate authorities.
Marc Worrell core: periodic process to unlink deleted medium files (and their gene…
…rated previews)
Oct 03, 2013
Marc Worrell mod_admin: show i18n 'widget_content_nolang_before' block also in std…
… widget. Fixes #671
Oct 08, 2013
Marc Worrell mod_oembed: view embedded content using https:// iff the content is v…
…iew using a secure connection.

Fixes #673
Marc Worrell core: flatten escaped js to a binary. 4775b55
Marc Worrell mod_admin(_frontend): set delegate for sorting edges, so that edges c…
…an be sorted in dynamically loaded content using the admin_frontend.
Marc Worrell core: allow task to be scheduled by date/time instead of only seconds. b940439
Oct 09, 2013
Marc Worrell core: if the connection is on SSL, then generate https absolute urls. 26e1372
Marc Worrell mod_admin/mod_oath: init args might contain protocol option if mod_ss…
…l is enabled
Mawuli Adzaku core: merge Mawuli's work for GSoC 2013.
Project title: "Zotonic Modules Repository Integration".

This work has resulted in a reengineered module command for the CLI: `zotonic modules`,
as well as a new ZMR admin client module: mod_zmm (not installed by default).

Fixes #672.

Notable comments from the merged commits:

Rename zotonic-installmodule to zotonic-modules.
Add more subcommands.
Add Mercurial remote url extractor:

  Given a local path to a Mercurial repository, return the `default` remote
  repository url.

  Fallback on another remote repository in the abscence of a `default`

Install directly from googlecode.
Add test fixtures.
Marc Worrell docs: document extra arguments of confirm action. 1fab413
Maas-Maarten Zeeman core: Fix stats collecting and access logging a257ddd
Oct 10, 2013
Arjan Scherpenisse mod_mailinglist: Fix button order of delete confirmation dialog. 28059fe
Oct 11, 2013
Maas-Maarten Zeeman mod_base: Demonitor the page session before responding. Prevents 400 …
…responses when the page session stops and the request process is still alive.
Marc Worrell mod_mqtt: fix for data decoding in pubzub. More unique unique_id. ac601a3
Marc Worrell mod_mqtt: fix for encoding objects 49177d4
Marc Worrell mod_mqtt: fixes for local mappings of topics received via postbacks. 353e0ed
Marc Worrell core: added debug message for continuations of unknown sessions. 13539af
Oct 15, 2013
Maas-Maarten Zeeman mod_base: Make sure no messages are left in the request process's mai…
…lbox. Fixes #676
Maas-Maarten Zeeman mod_base: Limit the number of websocket reconnects. Fixes #675 766a1ad
Oct 16, 2013
Maas-Maarten Zeeman core: Prevent to detach comet controllers from page sessions which ar…
…e already stopped.
Oct 21, 2013
Marc Worrell mod_base: reapply change from d5604ec 70a517b
Marc Worrell Fix on fix. start_timer returns a Ref, not {ok, Ref}. 4d061e8
Marc Worrell core: use lower case extensions when guessing mime or file extension. 4ae2967
Marc Worrell core: for exif lookups, add LANG=en for sensible exif program output …
…(not for win32 as shell var is used))
Oct 22, 2013
Marc Worrell mod_menu: make .do_menuedit element lookup less dependent on html str…
…ucture. Fixes #678
Oct 31, 2013
Andreas Stenius README: update links.
The documentation link was pointing at the pre 0.9 version.
The edoc docs are not working right, so I dropped the link to those until the edoc's are back.
Arjan Scherpenisse core: Start folsom in boot sequence
Otherwise Zotonic crashes on startup with:

21:01:38.682 [error] CRASH REPORT Process <0.173.0> with 0 neighbours exited with reason: bad argument in call to ets:member(folsom, {zotonic,webzmachine,requests}) in folsom_ets:handler_exists/1 in gen_server:init_it/6
Nov 02, 2013
Arjan Scherpenisse mod_base: Match the websocket protocol on the WS handshake.
This fixes websockets on mobile safari 5 for SSL websocket
Nov 03, 2013
Arthur Clemens Update nl.po
Nov 04, 2013
Andreas Stenius Merge pull request #682 from ArthurClemens/patch-8
Update nl.po
Marc Worrell core: add z_datetime:timestamp/0. Also use a constant for fixed 1970 …
…base seconds.
Marc Worrell mod_base: use for websocket stream, unless confi…
…gured otherwise.

Also add try/catch around websocket connect, to catch potential IE10 security exception.
Nov 05, 2013
Marc Worrell core: new state machine for maintaining websocket/comet push connecti…

Perpetual comet loop which only polls if there is no active websocket connection.
Websocket connection checks with a periodic ping/pong if the connection works.
Marc Worrell mod_base: fix for subdomain polling loop.
(cherry picked from commit bcd55ef)
Nov 06, 2013
Andreas Stenius Merge pull request #684 from ArthurClemens/patch-9
Fix wrong filter in example
Nov 07, 2013
Arthur Clemens Fix wrong filter in example e7d2cd9
Andreas Stenius doc: add missing `use_absolute_url` arg in example. e036e30
Nov 10, 2013
Arthur Clemens Fix wrong argument name in example 0a09ed4
Arthur Clemens Document that you can use a unique page name for hasobject, hassubject 9365eec
Arthur Clemens Fix typo 0b1adcd
Nov 11, 2013
Andreas Stenius Merge pull request #685 from ArthurClemens/patch-10
Fix wrong argument name in example
Andreas Stenius Merge pull request #686 from ArthurClemens/patch-11
Document that you can use a unique page name for hasobject, hassubject
Andreas Stenius Merge pull request #687 from ArthurClemens/patch-12
Fix typo
Nov 13, 2013
Arjan Scherpenisse mod_base: controller_websocket - add option to allow session-less Web…
…Socket connections.
Nov 14, 2013
Marc Worrell mqtt: redo access control checks from external client; don't change t…
…opics named like 'site/xyz/foo/bar'
Marc Worrell m_identity: allow binary admin username. 5caa170
Marc Worrell core: add m_category:foreach/3 and m_category:fold/4 110d95b
Nov 18, 2013
Andreas Stenius Update preinstall.rst
Modified note on windows support to be more accurate.
Nov 21, 2013
Marc Worrell core: added 'no_touch' option with a new m_edge:delete/5. e134dff
Marc Worrell core: added #media_update_done{} notification. 87b37a3
Marc Worrell mod_base: small fixes for async validations. Added optional validatio…
…ns on the form itself, to be run after all other validations pass.
Marc Worrell mod_l10n: added 'is_only_known' option, to suppress adding a selected…
… value as an extra option if it is unknown in the list of countries.

This is useful to prevent submit of unknown (or unwanted) country codes.
Marc Worrell mod_base: zotonic-1.0js, also pass 'z_submitter' query arg for dynami…
…cally added submit buttons.
Nov 22, 2013
Marc Worrell mod_menu: try to find the editmenu in multiple places. Fixes #690 1b3d707
Andreas Stenius mod_base: support acl dispatch config options for controller_file_rea…

Fixes #695.
Andreas Stenius core: fix "typo" in m_rsc:name_to_id/1.
Introduced by @kaos in commit ac52372.
Relates to issue #695.
Nov 25, 2013
Arjan Scherpenisse mod_survey: in printable overview, use fallback to column name when n…
…o column caption has been set.
Marc Worrell core: fix notify args for #media_update_done. 37dd400
Nov 26, 2013
Marc Worrell core: fix medium insert; do not send medium delete notification if no…
…thing is deleted.
Marc Worrell mod_admin: remove debug statement. 2012c05
Marc Worrell mod_admin: export menu/1 from m_admin_menu. e08a7d2
Marc Worrell mod_base: simplification of livevalidation and 'async' validations. 183516f
Marc Worrell mod_base/docs: added pickle filter. Fixed confirm doc table. deee1e1
Nov 27, 2013
Arjan Scherpenisse mod_survey: Add m_survey:get_questions/2 function
For retrieving the question data as a proplist.
Nov 28, 2013
Marc Worrell core: erlydtl_runtime can now lookup values in mochiweb json decode v…
…alues {struct, [...]}
Arjan Scherpenisse core: Change default location of logs to log/ again
See discussion in #691.
Arjan Scherpenisse core: do not run make on "zotonic start"
Only run it when Zotonic has never been compiled before. A full make
takes pretty long and is not needed in most cases.
Dec 02, 2013
Marc Worrell admin: don't enable do_cropcenter if there is no media img element. dbfe1b3
Dec 03, 2013
Andreas Stenius core: use z_trans:lookup_fallback/2 from compiled templates. d8d65be
Andreas Stenius core: fix bug in z_trans:translations/2 when called with a {trans, ..…
….} tuple.

(cherry picked from commit c721221)
Dec 04, 2013
Arjan Scherpenisse mod_base: controller_page - check if page path equals the request path
This change lets controller_page check if we need to be at a different
URL when the page path of a resource is set.

If set, we need to redirect there if the current request's path is not
equal to the resource's path. This prevents duplicated content on
multiple URLs.
Arjan Scherpenisse mod_base: controller_page - make canonical redirect behavior configur…
Dec 10, 2013
Maas-Maarten Zeeman core: Removed ancient leftover. df16836
Dec 12, 2013
Marc Worrell admin_frontend_edit: remove x-character after close button title. da80302
Marc Worrell core: fix possible timeout error in mediaclass file scanning. 24a1638
Dec 15, 2013
Arthur Clemens Add the possibility to use {% debug %} to troubleshoot dispatch rules 4729dce
Arthur Clemens Show how to retrieve the value passed to the atom argument of a rule 3a208dd
Dec 16, 2013
Arjan Scherpenisse doc: Clarify the doc page about custom pivots bc08dce
Dec 17, 2013
Marc Worrell mod_export: add #export_resource_visible{} notification. Lists of dat…
…a are now encoded as csv by default..
Dec 22, 2013
Arthur Clemens Make config items fully editable
fixes #694
Arthur Clemens Remove check on undefined module and key
To prevent module and key to be saved with values “undefined”, the
values are normalized to empty strings in the form before getting
Dec 23, 2013
Arthur Clemens Don't create new entry on change.
Bring back update function to delete entry when module or key name have
not changed.
Dec 24, 2013
Andreas Stenius Merge branch 'ac/admin_edit_config'
Fixes #700.
Dec 27, 2013
Maas-Maarten Zeeman core: Set z_pid cookie only when set_persistent is used. Fixes #701 e83e096
Jan 03, 2014
Arjan Scherpenisse zotonic_status: Add 'admin' button to sites overview b5ef0b4
Jan 04, 2014
Arthur Clemens mod_admin: Add dropdown to set the number of items per page on the ov…
…erview page

Fixes #703
Jan 14, 2014
Marc Worrell docs: move tech design doc into its own directory. d9a832e
Marc Worrell mod_admin_identity: fix identity insert race condition by moving emai…
…l identity check into the #rsc_update event instead of the async #rsc_update_done event.
Jan 15, 2014
Marc Worrell core: let gettext show an error if a po file could not be read (inste…
…ad of crashing)
Marc Worrell core: emqtt, use the standard Erlang stdlib 'eacces' as error. d9c4ee4
Marc Worrell docs: fix example of lazy loader in combination with moreresults action 5628072
Marc Worrell core/modules: changes to controllers for new webzmachine return value…
…s for provided charsets and encodings. See zotonic/webzmachine#14
Jan 16, 2014
Marc Worrell core: make sendfile behaviour switchable. Defaults to using the sendf… 1fb267d
Jan 20, 2014
Arjan Scherpenisse core: basesite skeleton: install mod_acl_adminonly before mod_authent…

Otherwise it won't work, because mod_authentication depends on an acl module.
Jan 21, 2014
Arthur Clemens mod_authentication: Reminder header should be translatable
Fixes #707.
Marc Worrell mod_survey: in admin_frontend_edit, move question block to separate t…
Marc Worrell mod_admin: fix mixed tabs/spaces (now spaces) 5a93bea
Marc Worrell mod_base: simple fix capfirst on empty input. Still todo: make utf-8 …
Marc Worrell mod_menu: allow 'none' to be returned from filter menu_rsc. 80dddb5
Jan 22, 2014
Marc Worrell mod_survey: re-enable the forbidden check (was disabled for testing) 18d446b
Marc Worrell mod_survey: lazy initialization of tinymce editors in question tab. 564a49d
Marc Worrell mod_survey: add 'jump to question' functionality in the frontend-admi…
…n questions editor.
Jan 23, 2014
Marc Worrell mod_survey: fix edit of page blocks. Fix sorter initialization of que…
…stions and jumps.
Marc Worrell mod_survey: fix dragging tinymce blocks between question lists. 65eab61
Marc Worrell Merge pull request #710 from hanikesn/translation_Fixed_German_transl…

translation: Fixed German translation
Jan 24, 2014
Steffen Hanikel translation: Fixed German translation
The previous version caused a lot of confusion.
Jan 25, 2014
Arjan Scherpenisse core: z_utils:json_escape now points to right function in z_json ea1c37f
Jan 27, 2014
Marc Worrell mod_base: make filter replace more robust against 'undefined' inputs. bffd795
Marc Worrell mod_survey: put survey navigation into pulldown menus. Add simple out…
…line view mode. Simpler question type select dialog.
Marc Worrell mod_survey: small textual change 2557c83
Marc Worrell mod_survey: add extra warning text to delete-page confirm dialog. 38965de
Marc Worrell mod_survey: added support for the feedback block to the 'admin-fronte…
…nd' survey editor.
Marc Worrell mod_survey: add some explanation to the body element textarea. bd9233c
Jan 30, 2014
Marc Worrell mod_survey: fix label class and control-group class for country and c…
…ategory questions.
Feb 04, 2014
Marc Worrell mod_survey: add 'anonymous' option, hides user-id/cookie from csv exp…
…orts. Fix class of labels. Add default value for name, email, phone if there is a user logged in.
Marc Worrell mod_survey: fix jumping to buttons from a button. c2ec4b0
Marc Worrell mod_survey: remove unused function. 0b9cd3b
Marc Worrell mod_survey: more consistent handling and placement of question prompt…
Feb 06, 2014
Maas-Maarten Zeeman core: Use folsom_metrics:safely_notify to prevent errors during servi…
…ng of a request.
Feb 07, 2014
Marc Worrell mod_seo: merged mod_seo_google into mod_seo. Added Bing webmaster sup…
…port. Fixes #149
Marc Worrell docs: rebuid docs, remove mod_seo_google refs. Issue #149 0c82f2d
Marc Worrell Removed duplicate sitemap seo settings template. Fixes #587 f4adad2
Feb 10, 2014
Arthur Clemens base: add new 'trim' filter.
Close #712.
Feb 11, 2014
Marc Worrell zotonic_status: fix crash on admin url fetch for disabled site. 7e01b7f
Feb 13, 2014
Arjan Scherpenisse core: Update dispatch info on start and stop of a site.
Fixes #714

This seems to be the most simple solution. Downside is that on Zotonic
startup the dispatch rules are reloaded several times (for each starting
Feb 20, 2014
Andreas Stenius zotonic-tpl-mode: fix indentation issue.
indentation was wrong for self-closed tag with embedded template tags.
(see example in test case 12).
Feb 21, 2014
Marc Worrell mod_survey/admin_fronted_edit: set acl permissions on dispatch rules …
…for page editing and survey-results.
Marc Worrell mod_artwork: remove query part from webfont urls. Our lib controller …
…doesn't like that.
Marc Worrell mod_artwork: load font-awesome font via abs url, as the '..' doesn't …
…work with combined css urls.
Marc Worrell mod_artwork: load font-awesome font via abs url, as the '..' doesn't …
…work with combined css urls. (also minified css)
Mar 04, 2014
Marc Worrell mod_survey: prefill some questions with equally named properties of t…
…he current user. Examples: phone, phone_mobile, address_street_1, etc.
Marc Worrell mod_survey: fix results for multi-answer thurstone. Fix acl check on …
…survey printable results.
Marc Worrell mod_admin_frontend: fix acl check on edit dispatch a1025a3
Marc Worrell mod_survey: use survey categry title for tab block title 4a6d376
Marc Worrell mod_admin_frontend: some extra nl translations 8a753cf
Marc Worrell mod_admin_frontend: remove 'This', as it can't be translated well in …
…connection with the category title.
Mar 05, 2014
Arjan Scherpenisse doc: Update mod_twitter to show how to do Twitter login 7429749
Arjan Scherpenisse core: Show error message in admin when a module fails to start
e.g. when it is missing any dependencies
Marc Worrell mod_survey: add 'noprompt' class if the question has no defined promp…
…t. Useful for changing css/margins depending on if label is filled in or not.
Marc Worrell mod_survey: swap 'results' header and editable thank you text. e2299e1
Marc Worrell mod_survey: only show 'results' button if the 'show results' option h…
…as been checked, don't show it for admin-like users.
Marc Worrell mod_survey: fix adding/deleting jump when editing a survey with mod_a…
Mar 07, 2014
Andreas Stenius core: do not let one failing site take down the whole instance.
If one site has invalid db password, it was impossible to tell from
the error message which the offending site was, since the whole boot
sequence came to a abrupt halt, and no site was responding (which in
turn turned my attention in the wrong direction, trying to figure out
why the db was misconfigured).

This fix crashes the booting for the offending site only, with a error
message hinting at which site it is, by stating the full details of
the target database (including user, schema etc, but NOT the
password) so the other sites can continue booting as normal.

The supervisor keeps trying though, so there's a bit of flooding in
the logs.. before it settles down.
Mar 11, 2014
Marc Worrell core: let z_lib_include:uncollapse/1 accept binary paths. 31130c8
Andreas Stenius core/epgsql: more improvements to connection handling.
This continues the changes started in commit 2480faf.

When a new connection is reqeusted from the db pool, it will only put
the client on the waiting queue in case of errors if there already are
other successfull connections.
Andreas Stenius core: allow binary resource names and id's in m_rsc (fixes #715) 09155a9
Mar 12, 2014
Arjan Scherpenisse core: Do not attempt to use gzip encoding for static pages.
This broke the directory index pages since the new webzmachine transfer
encoding changes. This is a temporary fix for upcoming changes by marc.
Mar 14, 2014
Maas-Maarten Zeeman mod_mqtt: UBF lists must be encoded in reverse order 8c5d695
Maas-Maarten Zeeman mod_mqtt: Just traverse the list value in reverse order 8d13c3d
Mar 17, 2014
Maas-Maarten Zeeman mod_mqtt: don't use isNumeric to check for numbers. 35afcdf
Maas-Maarten Zeeman mod_mqtt: Encode null values as 'undefined' in ubf. ec76d4d
Mar 18, 2014
Marc Worrell core: media identify by 'file' command of .mp3 files might tell they …
…are wav files.

Correct the detected mime type by checking the file's extension.
Mar 19, 2014
Marc Worrell core: fix max-connections case in pgsql_pool. 924d87d
Marc Worrell core: ignore persistent session sets and gets calls if there is no se…
Marc Worrell mod_survey: set 'multiple survey submissions per user/browser' per de…
…fault to 'on'.

This is more in line with other survey-systems and prevents unexpected behvavior
Mar 20, 2014
Marc Worrell core: fix m_category:foreach/2 and fold/3. edbe273
Mar 21, 2014
Marc Worrell core: image-tag and image-url had different handling for a medium's p…
Marc Worrell core: add gproc and jobs applications.
These are needed for upcoming mod_video and s3 file storage.
Marc Worrell core: add #media_upload_preprocess{} notification. fc86233
Marc Worrell core: small refactoring, export normalize_props/2 20affcf
Marc Worrell core: add z_media_archive:archive_delete/2 e3a2f64
Marc Worrell core: allow z_module_indexer:find calls with a binary Name. a2326b7
Marc Worrell core: add z_path:abspath/2 011a650
Marc Worrell mod_video: new module for handling video uploads using ffmpeg 0572f40
Arthur Clemens Update frontend-template-select-value.rst
Mar 22, 2014
Andreas Stenius Merge pull request #716 from ArthurClemens/patch-2
Update frontend-template-select-value.rst
Mar 24, 2014
Marc Worrell mod_base: make data filter more robust against illegal date values. 7b05535
Marc Worrell mod_video: tuning conversion options. Allow some conversion errors. 00ee5a8
Marc Worrell core: media-identify: fall back on guessing from the extension, if id…
…entify and file don't give valid answers.
Marc Worrell base: fix NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_CONVERT_JS on Firefox. Fixes #718 03b71e3
Arjan Scherpenisse core: fix lager dependency at 2.0.3
Also remove dependency on elog, which was just a very thin wrapper
around lager.
Mar 25, 2014
Marc Worrell mod_video: dynamically reload the vide after processing.
Set is_video_processing and is_video_broken flags in the medium record.
Marc Worrell core: allow undefined files in media updates. 49704ba
Marc Worrell Merge branch 'master' of d98c470
Marc Worrell core: allow undefined file for z_media_archive:is_archived/2. 3206ff7
Marc Worrell mod_admin: also show medium if no file defined, but mime type is defi…
Marc Worrell mod_video: replace tabs with spaces. 08bc057
Marc Worrell mod_video: primitive responsive version of <video/> ce8619a
Marc Worrell mod_video: remove some debug. a4708d2
Marc Worrell mod_video: always re-encode to mp4 to prevent problems on Windows.
Add text 'converting' to processing image.
Marc Worrell mod_video: fix tpl comment e86a3b2
Mar 26, 2014
Marc Worrell mod_admin: remove max_width/height args, as they give problems with i…
…mg url generation.
Marc Worrell core: allow replace_file with props, media-props, and #upload{} df9b0f2
Mar 27, 2014
Marc Worrell core: m_media: move post-upload fun outside the transaction. 24b337e
Marc Worrell mod_video: make supervisor name dependent on site.
Add checks for race-conditions in parallel renders.
Marc Worrell core: smtp email server, set envelop_from when repoting illegal_addre…
…ss error.

This fixes a db error as envelop_from may not be null.
Arthur Clemens Update admin_edit_widget_i18n.tpl
Arthur Clemens Update email.rst
Marc Worrell Merge pull request #720 from ArthurClemens/patch-3
Update admin_edit_widget_i18n.tpl
Marc Worrell Merge pull request #721 from ArthurClemens/patch-4
Update email.rst
Arthur Clemens Switch lazy loading order e0a4736
Marc Worrell Merge pull request #722 from ArthurClemens/lazy_order
Switch lazy loading order
Marc Worrell mod_base: controller_redirect should also suppress the 'ssl' dispatch…
… arg.
Mar 29, 2014
Arthur Clemens Write mailer_message bytea data as string
Fixes #723.
Arthur Clemens Indenting for better readability
Fixes #723
Arthur Clemens Move table cell title attribute to link
Fixes #723
Arthur Clemens Fix table and form close tags 0e545de
Arthur Clemens Merge pull request #698 from ArthurClemens/patch-15
Documentation: Show how to retrieve the value passed to the atom argument of a rule
Arthur Clemens Merge pull request #697 from ArthurClemens/patch-14
Documentation: Add the possibility to use {% debug %} to troubleshoot dispatch rules
Mar 30, 2014
Arjan Scherpenisse mod_twitter: prevent crash on site restart a1a7745
Arjan Scherpenisse core: install_modules from site config is evaluated on every site sta…
…rtup, not only on site install

Made z_site_startup process into a gen_server so that sites can take a
longer time to install.

Move stats initialization code into z_stats:init_site/1.
Mar 31, 2014
Arjan Scherpenisse Merge pull request #664 from ArthurClemens/core_js_no_live
mod_admin: jQuery fix, replace live by on
Arjan Scherpenisse erlydtl: More strict interpretation of boolean values
String values like "disabled", "n", "NO", etc. were interpreted as
false. This causes strange results when using the default filter or in
DTL expressions.

Fixes #704
Arjan Scherpenisse doc: Explain what a `query resource` is
Fixes #693
Arjan Scherpenisse doc: Explain all default fields in a resource 2b68ecb
Arthur Clemens Make images in admin customizable (size, quality)
Fixes #683
Apr 01, 2014
Arjan Scherpenisse mod_admin_identity: Add "log on as this user" option in admin
Fixes #554
Arjan Scherpenisse core: Fix install modules for sites without database
Fixes #729
Apr 02, 2014
Arjan Scherpenisse mod_base: Fix to_list conversion for append filter bfb2f17
Arjan Scherpenisse mod_base: Filter lower/upper now use erlydtl_runtime:to_list conversion bc173b9
Arjan Scherpenisse mod_admin: Fix image cropping center script for missing image dimensions
Images in the admin no longer have width= and height= attributes,
causing the cropping-center script to malfunction when the image was not
yet loaded. Once it was loaded from cache it would work correctly.
Arthur Clemens typo 61f11f9
Apr 06, 2014
Arthur Clemens Admin: add module names to Modules table
fixes #737
Apr 07, 2014
Mawuli Adzaku Add IRC notifications to Travis builds 1914056
Arjan Scherpenisse Merge pull request #738 from mawuli-ypa/master
build: Add IRC notifications to Travis builds
Apr 08, 2014
Arjan Scherpenisse core: maintain history of previous rsc page_paths
A new table, rsc_page_path_log, keeps an administration of old page
paths for redirecting the old page path to the new page path when the
page path changes. This is important for SEO and for keeping links
working when the page path changes.
Marc Worrell core: fix SVG mime type mapping from ImageMagick identify. 486b653
Arjan Scherpenisse core: execute page_path log update into rsc update transaction 79c9340
Arthur Clemens Uniformity: use space before slash
Make similar to _admin_edit_sidebar.person.tpl
Arthur Clemens typo 8a11aec
Arthur Clemens Document modules command 8b38c68
Apr 09, 2014
Arjan Scherpenisse core: Upcoming Zotonic release will require Erlang R15B03-1 or newer.
Rationale is to always support up to 2 major versions behind the
current (or upcoming) major version. At this point the upcoming Erlang
version is R17.
Arjan Scherpenisse core: Downgrade required OTP release to R15B03
It turns out there are no binary packages available for R15B03-1, and a
lot of distros are still on plain R15B03.

Fixes #740
Arjan Scherpenisse doc: Add note about changed 'hostalias' in 0.10 upgrade notes 98324f6
Mawuli Adzaku mod_base: Add German translation 63d9b2f
Apr 10, 2014
Mawuli Adzaku doc: Update guide on adding custom content blocks 908ba7f
Arjan Scherpenisse mod_mailinglist: Do not crash when recipientdetails filter encounters…
… an empty body
Arjan Scherpenisse core: Getting unit tests running again
The testsandbox site no longer has a database.
Arjan Scherpenisse core: Re-enable zotonic_status, fix build
Makefile changes were a bit over-optimistic.
Arjan Scherpenisse core: Add testsandbox config file 8fc3c05
Arjan Scherpenisse tests: test master only for now on Travis CI; no database. fb4745b
Arjan Scherpenisse tests: Disable z_lib tag test
These tests broke on test systems with a timezone different than GMT+2
and were not generally very useful tests anyway.
Apr 11, 2014
Marc Worrell docs: added mod_video documentation. 77704b2
Marc Worrell docs: set max-width of images in the docs text. 981e599
Marc Worrell docs: add documentation for mod_admin_frontend. 6d066a7
Apr 14, 2014
Arthur Clemens bump year c7b091c
Arthur Clemens cross linking "now" tag 1b15637
Arthur Clemens mention that custom tag module needs to be activated 688b4ca
Arthur Clemens Fix sphinx "make docs" warnings bf5372a
Apr 15, 2014
Marc Worrell core: on pivot, flush the cached ids outside of the pivot transaction. a3d886c
Apr 16, 2014
Arthur Clemens Document escape_texts
Fixes #743
Arthur Clemens Merge pull request #741 from mawuli-ypa/documentation-on-blocks
doc: Update guide on adding custom content blocks
Marc Worrell core: add #media_identify_extension{} notification.
Add original_filename and extension to #media_identify_file{} notification.
Marc Worrell core: ensure that #media_identify_extension{} mime and preferred_exte…
…nsion are binaries.

This makes pattern matching easier.
Marc Worrell mod_base: let contoller_page ignore query args and language on page_p…
…ath check.

This also adds a new query arg  which contains the list of path-parts used for checking the dispatch rules.
Issue #746
Marc Worrell mod_base: also let controller_page append qs on page_path redirect.
Fixes #746
Marc Worrell core: prevent image-url checksum if only mediaclass defined.
This fixes a problem where a checksum was generated if an undefined width/height was specified, typically in a {% media %}