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Commits on Nov 13, 2012
@arjan arjan i18n: Update potfiles 72d56af
@arjan arjan mod_admin: Tweaks in media upload 3e39b95
@arjan arjan mod_video_embed: Add translation tags + nl translation b385788
@arjan arjan core: Use sRGB as the standard colorspace for images on the web.
We might need to check whether older imagemagick versions (<6.7.6)
still display the images correctly:
@arjan arjan core: Increase paging offset
Ask @mworrell about this
@kaos kaos @doc: remove false claim. 21339c6
@kaos kaos core: rename ?ACL_ANONYMOUS_USER_ID to ?ACL_ANY_USER_ID to better ref…
…lect its purpose.
@kaos kaos core: avoid db look up in m_category:id_to_name/2. 9ee9c9a
@kaos kaos core: add backtrace to error reason in case of depcache memo errors.
also return error reason as result of the z_depcache:memo/5 function.
@kaos kaos core: avoid potential race. 6ae5cc5
@kaos kaos core: revert m_category:id_to_name/2.
Added doc explaining the use for id_to_name/2 with a name as input (thanks Arjan).
@kaos kaos z_install_data: report on bad skeleton config. ca3a6e4
@mmzeeman mmzeeman Added optional terminate callback support to non gen_server zotonic m…
…odules. Fixes #458
@mmzeeman mmzeeman Merge branch 'master' of 7a6853d
@mmzeeman mmzeeman Extended notifier documentation (a little bit) 92466ee
Commits on Nov 14, 2012
@kaos kaos doc: fix typo in modules/structure.rst 474374e
@kaos kaos core: add guards to m_rsc_gone functions.
This gives a better error message.

Fix for controller_page:previously_existed/2 to return 404 for unknown resource id's.

Fixes #459.

Also an additional fix for controller_page:resource_exists/2,
as discussed in commit 45bca64 on github.
@kaos kaos doc: describe options for the lib tag.
Support for these options were added in 24116b0 and b534f9a.
@kaos kaos core: add warning on missing lib files.
Issue a warning if a file mentionend in a {% lib %} tag is not found by the module indexer.
@kaos kaos mod_base: add soft jquery-latest links to ease upgrades. 2665762
Commits on Nov 15, 2012
@kaos kaos mod_admin: flush cached admin menu on module activate/deactivate. db48a69
@arjan arjan mod_development: Use the inotifywait command found with the "which" call 4759547
@arjan arjan gen_smtp: New submodule
For this commit:
@arjan arjan mod_development: Fix false positive in inotifywait finding c87a46e
@kaos kaos core: install additional modules listed in site config.
Since there may be additional modules needed by a site during install,
it is now possible to list them in the site config with a 'modules' key,
when using the 'empty' skeleton:

        {skeleton, empty},
        {modules, [mod_foo, mod_bar]},
@kaos kaos core: optional: install default menu from site config.
When using the empty skeleton, look for a default menu in the site config:

        {skeleton, empty},
        {default_menu, [{menu_item1, []}, {menu_item2, [{submenu_item, []}]}]},
Commits on Nov 16, 2012
@kaos kaos core: move skeleton modules and menu to site config. b889806
@arjan arjan doc: Fix typo in startup script example 25d2e24
@arjan arjan doc: Document the "redirect" site config option. 564736b
@arjan arjan doc: Document site's streamhost, smtphost, cookie_domain options. 3046d7a
@arjan arjan doc: Fix another bug in startup script 0b7a339
@arjan arjan core: Fix spec for z_install_data:install/2 fb552ce
@arjan arjan doc: Make 'make stubs' more portable d51aa3c
@arjan arjan core: Fix deletion of resources.
@kaos broke it in ae823f4
Commits on Nov 19, 2012
@arjan arjan core: Fix typo in blog skel 87f9f20
@arjan arjan mod_admin: Added rebuilt Bootstrap, from our own fork 3a1b203
@kaos kaos core: revived install_module(Skeleton) as fallback.
re-used parts of the removed code from b889806
as fallback in case of missing config key in the site config file for
install_menu and install_modules.
Commits on Nov 20, 2012
@arjan arjan doc: Fix edoc tags to make Travis build again b3cf104
@arjan arjan mod_admin: Correct bootstrap icon paths f9beb1d
@arjan arjan mod_admin: Only show "view" button when rsc has a page_url.
Otherwise, clicking the "view" button does not do anything
@arjan arjan mod_admin: fix for tab content getting scrollbars inside modal d696d6e
@arjan arjan doc: Document API services 50b1d24
@arjan arjan doc: Add more links to the glossary. 94f4ec4
@arjan arjan doc: Remove templates overview from index a4312c8
@arjan arjan mod_comment: Add link to settings page 35d14d2
@arjan arjan doc: Add glossary link to API services manual a2fa21f
@arjan arjan doc: Add some single-line (or more) "blurb" to each controller c4dcc9d
@arjan arjan doc: Document some more actions ("blurb" only) 3459086
@kaos kaos doc: add chapter about authentication. d215141
@kaos kaos doc: add some seealso refs to the controller_log{on|off}. f935be1
Commits on Nov 21, 2012
@kaos kaos doc: add basic authorization docs. 7d82d91
@kaos kaos doc: fix see also refs in datamodel chapter. c317cb9
@arjan arjan mod_oembed: Add maxwidth/maxheight options; add documentation. cc6575c
@kaos kaos core: restructure and improve acl routines (issue #463).
It started off with adding a guard to z_acl:wm_is_authorized/2.
Along with that I wanted to add some -spec's for that family of functions,
which led to adding -type's in webzmachine and m_rsc.

Also, it felt backwards to require the id to be integer at this stage,
which turned out to affect the acl modules handling the authorization.

Also, m_rsc:get_acl_props/2 always returns a #acl_props{} record when
given a integer id, even if no resource with that id exists, so to be
consistent I updated it so that also applies when presented with a
resource name.

This is a rather big chunk of changes in one commit, but they are rather
entangled, at least when applied in the order I made them.
@kaos kaos mod_acl_adminonly: missed to remove one is_integer(Id)-guard. 1fa1674
Commits on Nov 22, 2012
@arjan arjan core: Add category permission check to m_media and check for invalid …
@arjan arjan mod_admin: Improved media upload feedback; dont close dialog on failure. d239257
@arjan arjan mod_admin: Show currently logged in user on dashboard. c7e538a
@mworrell mworrell mod_survey: add option to show true/false and yes/no as buttons. f5066da
@mworrell mworrell core: fix default and if_none filters in expression tree evaluation. f60194e
@mworrell mworrell mod_base_site: allow pre-computed search results. 0aaa333
@mmzeeman mmzeeman doc: additions to notification documentation 655b10e
Commits on Nov 23, 2012
@mworrell mworrell mod_survey: do not show 'next' on a survey_stop question. Also make t…
…he survey_stop nicer by not showing a line.
@kaos kaos doc: update docs for controller_{template|page}. 78f87ad
@kaos kaos doc: fix ref links and build warning. 136cf6a
@kaos kaos Merge pull request #464 from kaos/issue-463
core: restructure and improve acl routines (issue #463).

Fixes #463.
Commits on Nov 25, 2012
@mmzeeman mmzeeman Some more z_notifier documentation. Needs some examples 0d2e27e
@arjan arjan deps: new webmachine, gen_smtp submodule commits e1f83a2
@arjan arjan doc: Some notification docs corrections, explain some more about folds. 8192708
Commits on Nov 26, 2012
@arjan arjan mod_comment: Change comment settings label in admin menu. ebf9717
Commits on Nov 27, 2012
@mworrell mworrell deps: new version of z_stdlib 1db0375
@arjan arjan mod_survey: When no first/last name present, show only email addresse…
…s in box
@arjan arjan mod_survey: Addresses dialog button tweak 6d5530d
@arjan arjan mod_survey: Update translation template a795a57
@arjan arjan mod_survey: NL translation d5d7b24
@arjan arjan core: Update submodule 2c7d25e
@arjan arjan mod_logging: Add e-mail log to admin menu 089fdae
@arjan arjan mod_logging: Tweak email filter button size 6be70a7
@arjan arjan mod_logging: Tweak nl template 8fb9f1c
@arjan arjan mod_acl_simple_roles: Tweak admin template f07a216
@arjan arjan mod_admin: Use category short title in "latest" widget, if set f36bc48
@arjan arjan mod_seo_google: Correct URL to tracking script 548e250
@arjan arjan mod_base: Mitigate atom table overflow attack
The persistent store does not need its keys to be atom.
@arjan arjan doc: Document all API services. 4e1facc
Commits on Nov 28, 2012
@arjan arjan doc: Finalize initial docs on tags.
Remove tags that are not really tags.
@arjan arjan mod_mailinglist: Added translation tags to the mailinglist subscribe …
@arjan arjan doc: Finish documentation of scomps 63cd78a
@arjan arjan doc: Finish documentation of validators dcaf734
@arjan arjan doc: Add initial documentation for each core module
A lot of them have just a few lines of docs, but its better than
@arjan arjan mod_admin: Add widget_wrapper block around admin widget
... plus doc on what to do with it.
@arjan arjan mod_backup: Make sidebar import/export block conditionally visible (l…
…ike advertised)
@arjan arjan doc: Add changed backup path config to upgrade notes 5c19d34
@arjan arjan mod_base: Remove action validate todo file af2e492
@arjan arjan doc: Document (blurb) the remaining actions. 010a5dd
@arjan arjan doc: Add production-html target which does not include TODO items 347e9e1
Commits on Nov 29, 2012
@arjan arjan mod_geomap: Move CSS reference from mod_admin to inside geomap templa…
…te, remove obsolete z.maps.js
@arjan arjan mod_geomap: Remove redundant save button c53bc9b
@mworrell mworrell mod_geomap: reset image max-width in olMap.
Fixes #466
@mworrell mworrell mod_translation+mod_admin: added button to copy translation from a la…
…nguage to current language.

All i18n input and textarea ids had to be changed into valid html ids, so that jquery can access them.
@mworrell mworrell mod_translation: removed console.log e9c9178
@mworrell mworrell mod_survey: fix for a condition where the next page was 'submit' d246848
@mworrell mworrell mod_survey: added 'date' and 'phone' validations for short answer que…
@mworrell mworrell mod_base_site: added block around summary. 0d90a81
@mworrell mworrell mod_base: filter range, added checks and logic for negative ranges/steps 2683782
@mworrell mworrell mod_base: when a dialog is heigher than 80% of the window, reposition…
… it.

Fixes #417
@mworrell mworrell mod_survey: scroll question back into view when it is above the top o…
…f the window.
Commits on Nov 30, 2012
@mworrell mworrell mod_base: better positioning of popup dialog on narrow screens.
Issue #417
@arjan arjan mod_admin: Do not show 'status' admin menu if user has no admin confi…
…g permission
@arjan arjan mod_admin: Admin menu visible check should ignore visibility of menu …
…separator items
@arjan arjan mod_acl_*: Do not crash when undefined ACL object is passed in. 9f10722
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: basic syntax highlighting working pretty nice. c711ec2
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: dont highlight custom tags outside of {% .. %} tags b91d6e1
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: highlight filters. 8100d88
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: highlight variables. 941b9ae
@wielonib wielonib added missing backslashes to regexp in validator_base_email c8e414c
@mworrell mworrell Don't allow injection of absolute filename paths from the template co…
…mpiler or scomps.

Fixes #467
@arjan arjan Merge pull request #468 from powermedia/validator_email_slashes_fix
mod_base: added missing backslashes to regexp in validator_base_email
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: cleaned up level 2 highlighting. 51952ce
@mworrell mworrell mod_artwork: new module containing many useful icons. 5019ab6
@mworrell mworrell doc: mod_artwork, some corrections and license explanations.. 8cf6b4e
@mworrell mworrell mod_artwork: Renamed some round icons, to remove the '500' postfix. 32dbbb7
@mworrell mworrell mod_mailinglist: use nice icon for mailing button. 80e653b
@kaos kaos Update modules/mod_artwork/README.txt
If Marc, If.
Commits on Dec 02, 2012
@mmzeeman mmzeeman Added references to uses of different type's of notifications c2ada78
Commits on Dec 03, 2012
@mworrell mworrell mod_survey: extra class 'survey-start' on buttons div for the survey …
…start page.
@arjan arjan core: z_datamodel: Show category name when creating rsc. b6c1cf9
@arjan arjan core: z_datamodel: Allow predicates to be of a different category
So they can be of a subcategory of predicate.
@arjan arjan mod_acl_simple_roles: Move #acl_edge{} check above delete check 7a03a1d
@arjan arjan mod_admin: Add category name to items in page connect dialog. d45037b
@arjan arjan mod_admin: Fix depiction sort on edit page ded53b2
@arjan arjan mod_admin: Remove hidden inputs with languages from basics popup
This seems to be no longer needed; the active languages are taken from
the name of the input fields (fieldname$language notation).

Besides, this made the basics dialog create invalid rsc's when
mod_translation was disabled and only a single language was active.
@arjan arjan mod_admin: Use catinclude for the address edit block 9dac26c
@mworrell mworrell mod_admin: save the current rsc when typing ctrl-S / command-S d2ff403
@mworrell mworrell core: fix lager transform of z_template 3a51553
@mworrell mworrell mod_admin: also find meta categories. allow non category and non pred…
…icate resources to be re-categorized.
@arjan arjan mod_admin: Set autofocus on duplicate rsc dialog 0f9e30a
@arjan arjan mod_admin: Preselect the first valid category when creating a new pag…
…e from page connections
@mworrell mworrell mod_l10n: Make more robust against illegal language property. f744f52
@mworrell mworrell core: fix for fetching slug from multi lingual value. 94d3ca9
@mworrell mworrell mod_survey: added 'category' and 'upload' question types.
'category' is a selection from all resources in a certain category
'upload' can upload a file, must be part of the last question page
Also added survey handlers, now you can declare a handler per survey, so that a module can handle the survey submit.
@mworrell mworrell mod_base: added do_filepreview widget, can load an selected file into…
… a img tag.
@mworrell mworrell mod_admin: on new tab, only use predicate for category when category …
…is not defined.
Commits on Dec 04, 2012
@arjan arjan core: Update dutch translations 7733b54
@arjan arjan core: Update pot files, and executed msgmerge on existing translations 8159c61
@arjan arjan core: Name controller helper includes consistently
Fixes #413
@arjan arjan core: Eliminate compilation warning about max/2 e8ec64e
@arjan arjan mod_rest: Add page slug to download filename, for reference 7de084e
@arjan arjan mod_backup: Fix help dialog by escaping JS in translation tag 5befedc
@arjan arjan mod_base: Remove tinymce 3.4.7
It was not referenced from anywhere, and 3.5.0 appears to work fine.

Fixes #323
@arjan arjan mod_authentication: Fix duplicated .tr translation
The top-most one was the same as the bottom one, only with more
strings translated.

Fixes #460
@mworrell mworrell Add template translations back, also some corrections from Ivette. d80b14a
@mworrell mworrell core: add primary index to custom pivot tables. Also add [noindex] op…
…tion to columns.
@mworrell mworrell admin: do not render edge template when not needed. 0284d51
@mworrell mworrell mod_base: add simple 1 pix images. add hashchange jquery library. c8008cf
Commits on Dec 05, 2012
@mworrell mworrell mod_artwork: added public domain close icon from thenounproject. ab64655
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: proper highlighting of multiline tags. w00t :) b546bba
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: indent closing %} tag. 4ada960
Commits on Dec 06, 2012
@arjan arjan mod_survey: Only "fix" survey answers when entered before 2012-12-01
For new surveys, this fix broke displaying the results of question type "narrative".
@arjan arjan doc: Add upgrade note about mod_survey narrative question 91c4001
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: indent expressions in tags. 86a6213
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: indent html-ish. added some comment seasoning... 836a11f
@mworrell mworrell Fix for fetching all pages of undefined session. a633feb
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: indent comments too. 1f58881
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: jump to indentation. 430ea57
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: do not indent after a self closing html tag. a6d6a06
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: border case indenting first line of a tag. baa0b23
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: highlight = in tags. 3375764
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: add basic support for highlighting html tags. d49d187
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: proper block tags indenting. 2d44ea6
@kaos kaos dtl: remove duplicate keyword in scanner. 34f2186
@kaos kaos doc: document the new zotonic-tpl-mode e8a92be
@kaos kaos doc: update info in c3ac1ff
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: fix loading issue. Highlight code blocks in docs. 5239891
@kaos kaos Merge branch 'zotonic-tpl-mode' ebc744d
@kaos kaos doc: remove under construction notice.
Change the "edit" link under Actions, to a "View source" link to Github.
Mention this link in the contribute docs section.
@mmzeeman mmzeeman Added 'js' format to the script tag. Rationale: This allows you to wr…
…ite your own wrapper for the generated code. This is needed for situations where $ is not tied to jQuery anymore.
Commits on Dec 07, 2012
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: can not look past first line for indentation. cc268e2
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: correct indentation with begin/end tags on same line.
don't indent empty lines.
@kaos kaos NEWS: mention zotonic-tpl-mode. 2b0afda
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: fix indentation issue with self closing tags.
Thanks Arjan for testing.
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: mind the tabs. fb0c0ab
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: mark file as part of zotonic. 3063d01
@arjan arjan mod_oauth: Show consumer key/secret in dialog when editing
for easy copy/pasting
@arjan arjan mod_base: Don't let controller_api depend on mod_oauth
Introduce a #service_authorize{} notification which authorization
modules can intercept to perform request checking.

Fixes #441
Commits on Dec 08, 2012
@arjan arjan doc: Document the decoupling of service authentication/authorization
Thanks @kaos for the reminder :)

See #441
Commits on Dec 10, 2012
@arjan arjan z_search: Use joins for search while the category tree is renumbering
Although using joins is considerably slower, this way, the search
results are still correct when the database is updating itself.

Added public function m_category:is_tree_dirty/1 which can be used to
check if the current category tree is dirty or now.

Fixes #308
@arjan arjan skel: Fixed name/id confusion in contact template of blog skel
Fixes #472
@arjan arjan core: Correct spec tag for z_search
To fix failing `make edocs`
@arjan arjan doc: controller_file_readonly, add doc about the "path" argument
Relative to which path it is supposed to be
@arjan arjan doc: Document the ext_* extension mechanism c9128bf
@arjan arjan doc: Do not create index.html file for modules edoc
Since we now use Zotonic's builtin directory listing.
@arjan arjan mod_base: Add controller_static_pages redirect when serving directory…
… index

When serving a directory index but the current URL path does not end
in a slash, redirect to the same path ending in the slash, thus
preserving proper relative directory index navigation.
Commits on Dec 11, 2012
@mmzeeman mmzeeman Added a one_for_all supervisor to prevent restart loops. Fixes #473 ecfd5fb
@mmzeeman mmzeeman Fixed spec issue 440a3f0
@arjan arjan blog skel: Fix CSS reference; include z.dialog.js ed7fd73
@arjan arjan mod_base: filter_date now also accepts date / datetime lists as input
Documented it as well, whoohoo.
@arjan arjan mod_bootstrap: Correct the path to the icons 91c1d72
@arjan arjan mod_comment: Default form style to vertical
The horizontal form is not so nice with forms with few or a single
input field, it disturbs the horizontal rhythm.

Added form_class block so the style can be overridden.
@arjan arjan mod_survey: Add empty option in narrative dropdown question when requ…

This way, the first option value is not selected and people are forced
to make a choice when the question is required instead of defaulting
to the first dropdown option.
@arjan arjan mod_survey: Update translations 4b518e2
@arjan arjan mod_base: Fix preview thumbnail notification return format cee21a9
@arjan arjan core: remove warning in z_search 0443711
@arjan arjan mod_oembed: Default embed max width to 640 6d3f17c
@arjan arjan core: Make blog skel site nicer
Miscelaneous small tweaks to make the default site look nicer.

Fixes #415
@arjan arjan mod_survey: In narrative-type questions with select, show labels inst…
…ead of indices
@arjan arjan mod_acl_simple_roles: Remove reference to institution category
Institution is not part of the default domain model.

Fixes #184
Commits on Dec 12, 2012
@arjan arjan mod_admin: media connect dialog had multiple selected pills
When using the embed image from TinyMCE button.
@arjan arjan mod_base: Fix embedding of images in TinyMCE
Somebody should verify if this fix is correct for the other cases that
I cannot reproduce.

Issue #309
@arjan arjan blog skel: Remove background image
As we're now using bootstrap, the navbar is rendered using a gradient.
Piotr Meyer translation: Update polish translation
Thanks, Piotr Meyer! :)
Fixes #479

Squashed commit of the following:

commit c567ab76bedd4cf9f967abc5cfaa7fec5930b6b6
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Wed Dec 12 21:54:25 2012 +0100

    mod_seo_google translation (warning: incomplete pot file!)

commit ff7b60f520a2e96ec3b5aee99801ead68109be71
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Wed Dec 12 21:49:34 2012 +0100

    Bringing some consistency into mod_admin PL translation.

commit e7c405aa8a8a114aa202842e365e5857ad83737e
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Wed Dec 12 21:47:15 2012 +0100

    mod_import_csv final PL

commit f27392c27cf238f3d4a6e808d9365426960ff880
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Wed Dec 12 21:40:52 2012 +0100

    mod_backup final PL

commit 1e20ea37f2c129abc880d1c02ec9625ea133dc30
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Wed Dec 12 17:07:21 2012 +0100


commit 0b95a5a9e91bc2a7e69ccb691c1f9c922847b8a3
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Wed Dec 12 16:53:02 2012 +0100

    mod_survey partial PL translation

commit 3c0a491cea3ee9af82ffe987e2a24f7cc099d41e
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Wed Dec 12 16:30:29 2012 +0100

    Corrected incostintency ("Logi" and "Dziennik poczty").

commit 8674695eb095525981e2bf0041ae3a828a24ce38
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Wed Dec 12 16:27:13 2012 +0100

    mod_mailinglist - updated PL translation.

commit 0be223211cdda35ec8e640c985333c98dcb51946
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Wed Dec 12 16:19:35 2012 +0100

    mod_facebook final PL

commit 3123caf086f868fdd31b9708907ba32742766938
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Wed Dec 12 16:17:05 2012 +0100

    mod_development final PL

commit 191642df03c095530f27152f098142fd065e8b1d
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Wed Dec 12 15:52:22 2012 +0100

    mod_authentication final PL

commit adb71fbf39b76c338b73f2da7ece856def46cf3e
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Wed Dec 12 15:48:22 2012 +0100

    mod_admin_modules final PL

commit e787c06dc29da2a9c0f53b76c1869d8d4be0b449
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Wed Dec 12 15:47:23 2012 +0100

    mod_admin_identity final PL

commit 00e7b8edc3660f7b97e11fa638baac3c861860ad
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Wed Dec 12 15:45:34 2012 +0100

    mod_admin_config final PL

commit 513d139ccc6137a082c5e37761ea76cfd5c5b364
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Wed Dec 12 15:43:48 2012 +0100

    mod_admin_category final PL

commit 6bc1aa48739b057b2e0726babae233d470ef7cf3
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Wed Dec 12 15:41:55 2012 +0100

    mod_admin final PL

commit ad06f412972e2deba29a0427b4aef58f0a7b4868
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Wed Dec 12 15:38:33 2012 +0100

    mod_acl_simple_roles final PL

commit 193ba33f73f5f88eacab680a57680bde99fcc188
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Mon Dec 10 20:41:37 2012 +0100

    Small change.

commit 8cbcb36353b72330f3c828f15d012a1d35a587fd
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Sun Dec 9 23:26:44 2012 +0100

    mod_geomap PL translation

commit 957ed32508d6e1a13f3e738950b5464736f3dc7d
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Sun Dec 9 23:08:52 2012 +0100

    mod_import_csv PL translation

commit f365bd00fc3a6efb17eed872a03cba3385723a2a
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Sun Dec 9 23:02:28 2012 +0100

    mod_logging PL translation - corrections

commit ff746ea0a78a83b92721f1d9e1d4835697ba3934
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Sun Dec 9 22:58:41 2012 +0100

    mod_oauth PL translation corrections.

commit 9bb2e0598d9f7765fa93a810c2b3a3103d3ab6f7
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Sun Dec 9 22:53:48 2012 +0100

    Small corrections to mod_oembed

commit 3dea9b5f84cb443c1aca5e049fb6c6dd7ba5a80e
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Sun Dec 9 22:40:20 2012 +0100

    Small correction - path to translation module.

commit ae3bf9f84f687d5db75dda3cd405d5ea78f1d063
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Sun Dec 9 22:37:48 2012 +0100

    Initial mod_twitter PL translation.

commit a3b9b9f7a3c5baef14c34328e0d3e9d46327ca3d
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Sun Dec 9 22:28:05 2012 +0100

    mod_video_embed initial PL translation

commit 53b51df5324a9a62c79bfa18a51c13d186a880e3
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Sun Dec 9 15:10:57 2012 +0100

    Small style corretion.

commit 41e52dd1f0ba989ffe236705d67d4b7ddb64d069
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Sun Dec 9 15:09:14 2012 +0100

    Small fixes

commit 866e175b6f453ec6dab6a2b602a042115614da78
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Sun Dec 9 15:03:46 2012 +0100

    mod_admin corrections and additional translations (PL)

commit 557456299579a72a0471ed86e8d4064bdd5e2f72
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Sun Dec 9 14:28:23 2012 +0100

    Initial version of mod_base_site PL translation. Not tested yet,
    date format should be corrected.

commit c950bb695c0bed135086e32cded4821cafe76d98
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Sun Dec 9 13:28:50 2012 +0100

    mod_admin_predicate PL (note: someone with better background should
    review this)

commit 2f0bfcaca0ee99ebaa936de714476e5654fe8655
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Sun Dec 9 12:52:36 2012 +0100

    mod_comment translation (PL)

commit b53f4167368362371b7b621ef84401778550dfe8
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Sun Dec 9 12:19:27 2012 +0100

    mod_menu PL translation

commit e8203bdcbad7e97a11c067b2ba4d295d26f25135
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Sun Dec 9 12:12:13 2012 +0100

    SEO is SEO in PL

commit e0ef4c456d9c1fbf93c8892f5f993481fe6caf71
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Sat Dec 8 22:47:29 2012 +0100

    Partial translation (PL).

commit 4fa5a37a6b06117da98b4ed6c251a154fbccd454
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Sat Dec 8 20:58:49 2012 +0100

    Second batch of fixes and translations in pl.po files.

commit 14eeca1273ddbc0227ae6be788e633ff13727f02
Author: Piotr Meyer <>
Date:   Sat Dec 8 13:17:29 2012 +0100

    First part of mod_base translation (PL, not finished yet)
@arjan arjan mod_base: Make the return value of /api/base/upload into proper JSON …
…on success

.. and document that, of course.
Commits on Dec 13, 2012
@arjan arjan deps/ua_classifier: Update submodule
.. to include newer openddr.dtree UA classifier file.

Fixes #470
@mworrell mworrell Added a 'Share page' dialog, replaces separate buttons in page meta bar. 18fa88f
@mworrell mworrell mod_survey: delete en.po, which is not needed. 2af8a75
@mworrell mworrell mod_survey: show alert when form doesn't validate.
Issue #371
@mworrell mworrell mod_survey: Fix crash when viewing results with an upload question. 2c8444f
@mworrell mworrell mod_survey: added optional survey_feedback block to show instead of t…
…he standard 'thank you' text.

Fixes #371
@arjan arjan mod_survey: Make admin survey options form more compact
Hide survey handlers dropdown when no handlers installed.
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: fix indentation bug introduced in 42e7f9. 2606a3f
Commits on Dec 14, 2012
@mworrell mworrell core: added regressive quality based on size of resulting jpeg (bigge…
…r image, lower quality).

Fixes #428
@mworrell mworrell Removed export of quality function. 773d92e
@kaos kaos build: cleanup warnings. 141013c
@kaos kaos base: fix bug in controller_template for anon access to a {acl, is_au…
…th} rsc.
@mmzeeman mmzeeman mod_base: Created a pluggable controller_websocket API
This way you can override the default behaviour.

Fixes #454

Squashed commit of the following:

commit cba46d210dc9628b42c39766ace03b48bbf6d337
Author: Arjan Scherpenisse <>
Date:   Fri Dec 14 20:56:48 2012 +0100

    controller WS tweaks

commit a88c2959fb7cb186ca13edd770e6014478d014ba
Author: Maas-Maarten Zeeman <>
Date:   Mon Dec 3 09:46:32 2012 +0100

    Fix websocket handshakes

commit a463f58a505f8f8748ad4ea324b6578c12d12d39
Author: Maas-Maarten Zeeman <>
Date:   Wed Nov 14 23:31:56 2012 +0100

    Added api to send messages over a websocket

commit 5b12a931c90a1619165e55aa575ed8e6237c23a2
Author: Maas-Maarten Zeeman <>
Date:   Fri Nov 9 12:06:07 2012 +0100

    Created a pluggable websocket api so you can override the default behaviour
@kaos kaos mod_base: added `inject_args` option to postback action. 7cd5127
Commits on Dec 15, 2012
@arjan arjan core: Add a basesite skeleton site.
Furthermore, make it easier to overrule mod_base_site styles by
including an empty site.css file which the basesite skeleton

Also documented the four available skeleton sites.
@arjan arjan modules: Update pot and po files 20805da
Commits on Dec 16, 2012
@arjan arjan core: Accidentally disabled a bunch of translation strings
Revert "modules: Update pot and po files"

This reverts commit 20805da.
@arjan arjan mod_translation: Do not generate pot-files for disabled modules
As the templates for disabled modules cannot be found, therefore
generating an incomplete pot-file.
@arjan arjan modules: Update pot and po files (again)
...after fixing the bug in translation scanning.
@arjan arjan core: Fix problem when path to erl_call contains a tilde (~)
This should fix running Zotonic on cygwin.
Commits on Dec 17, 2012
@kaos kaos z_stdlib: z_string added concat/2 function. 5f594c0
@kaos kaos m_edge: allow names as subject and object when inserting edges. 06e066a
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: fix a few indentation border cases. d234c4a
@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: avoid running past end of line during indentation. 12f7f45
@kaos kaos mod_base: add sort filter. c276eb4
@arjan arjan doc: Add documentation on custom survey handlers 1ab0a08
@arjan arjan doc: Document media classes
Pretty sparse documentation but better than nothing.
@arjan arjan z_media_preview: Fix default argument for crop in mediaclass config b7b150e
@mworrell mworrell mod_l10n: bring country list up to date with iso3166. With thanks to …
…Ivette Mrova.
@mworrell mworrell mod_survey: more translations. With thanks to Ivette Mrova. 2cb5711
@mworrell mworrell m_media: added #media_upload_props{} foldl notification.
Will make it possible to update uploaded media properties and files before insertion.
@mworrell mworrell mod_mailinglist: sharing templates for phones. aba6a61
@kaos kaos mod_base: sort filter should handle ordinary lists too. 4a3f1d0
@kaos kaos doc: typo for sort filter. b0e6ed8
@arjan arjan core: Add release notes for 0.9.0
And correct header of 0.8.2

@kaos kaos zotonic-tpl-mode: yet another indentation bug fix. 479dd88
@arjan arjan Release version 0.9.0 2c42fbd
@arjan arjan core: Removed unmaintained zotonic_install script d6eb014
@mworrell mworrell mod_survey: missing quote in .po file. 55f657c