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base fork: zotonic/zotonic
head fork: zotonic/zotonic
Commits on Dec 15, 2011
@mworrell mworrell Moving distribution code over to zynamo as part of zotonic. f1a226f
Commits on Dec 20, 2011
@arjan arjan Merge branch 'master' into zynamo da87323
Commits on Dec 21, 2011
@mworrell mworrell Integrated more code into zynamo. 69d6339
@mworrell mworrell Added basho_stats as submodule 72d00ee
@mworrell mworrell removed _data, is now _request 7b93760
@arjan arjan Removed gen_smtp in preparation of it being a submodule ef2ad0a
@arjan arjan Added gen_smtp as a submodule. 4ed795c
@arjan arjan Remove iconv in preparation for submodule 8eabb6f
@arjan arjan Added erlang-iconv as a submodule. 98acbec
Commits on Dec 22, 2011
@arjan arjan Merge branch 'master' into zynamo
@arjan arjan Added missing gen_smtp submodule 662eb2c
@arjan arjan Added placeholder file for zynamo ebin dir. 2d05310
@arjan arjan Zynamo fixes
- zotonic debug adds optional argument for specifying the node. If
  this is set, the Zotonic port numbers are determined by the numeric part of
  the nodes. Eg. 'node1' => http 8001, https 444, smtp 2526,
  'node0' => http 8000, https 443, smtp 2525

- Added .empty file in priv/ for zynamo

- zotonic's priv/config file has now the node appended to it.
@arjan arjan Added zynamo include path to mod_development. cf09c50
@arjan arjan Created zynamo_request:reply/2 function for transparent handling of r…
@arjan arjan zynamo_request: make sure the list of preference nodes is unique (pre…
…serving order)
Commits on Dec 23, 2011
@arjan arjan Add zynamo to include path in Emakefile. bcad513
@arjan arjan Gave a fresh new look to zotonic_status, similar to
The default page no longer shows a list of sites because that confuses
most people. Instead it displays an explanation message and a login
box (the password of which can now be remembered with a pw manager).
@arjan arjan Added support for updating Zotonic and sites over Git in zotonic_stat…
…us site.
@arjan arjan Fixed crash in inotify server of mod_development. 53fa81d
Commits on Dec 24, 2011
@arjan arjan Refactored the collecting of dispatch rules.
z_sites_dispatcher now, after startup, collects its rules again after
2 seconds (in case it has crashed)
@arjan arjan Fix calls to z_sites_dispatcher:update_dispatchinfo/0 240b601
@arjan arjan When postgres exists normally, dont print info report. c265bed
@arjan arjan Start sites dispatcher *after* sites manager so we can directly colle…
…ct dispatch rules in dispatcher's init/1.
@arjan arjan Added nodes page, with stub services/nodes matrix. d06bbac
@arjan arjan Nodes overview works and is live.
Live updates only work kind-of-once-ish, need to find out why.
Commits on Dec 25, 2011
@arjan arjan Nodes/services live view now works reliably. e3bb1c0
Commits on Dec 27, 2011
@mworrell mworrell Adding statz 9472845
@mworrell mworrell Merge branch 'zynamo' of into zynamo 31f1c31
@mworrell mworrell Added statz support. d0f214f
@arjan arjan Added new statz commit to repo 393c720
@arjan arjan Fix typo in c40e586
@arjan arjan Added new rev of webzmachine submodule 6003dbd
@mworrell mworrell New webzmachine. 4d5ada7
@mworrell mworrell Merge branch 'zynamo' of into zynamo 1a2b6ba
@mworrell mworrell New webzmachine f4c0881
@mworrell mworrell New version. 455a905
@mworrell mworrell Fixed counting problem in statz. 0ce29e8
@arjan arjan Added new statz 4ff9cfe
@mworrell mworrell new statz 5d80b08
@mworrell mworrell new statz a0064f3
@arjan arjan First commit of realtime updating graphs in the statistics overview. 321dee4
@mworrell mworrell Show also the 95/avg in the graphs. Spiraltime now also returns the c…
…ounts (to show avg instead of totals.
Commits on Dec 28, 2011
@arjan arjan More stats tweaks. Show all nodes combined in one graph per graph type. 745e2de
@arjan arjan Show percentile lines and legend in graphs 6802fff
@arjan arjan Added mod_failwhale, which shows a 503 error page when the request ti…
…me exceeds 100ms.

Nr. of seconds to be measured and request time threshold are configurable.
@arjan arjan Fix values in graphs for showing avg. db/request duration 84a5403
@mworrell mworrell Added handoff of commands. e46a12d
Commits on Dec 29, 2011
@mworrell mworrell Longer polling for handoffs when there is no 'nodeup' event for the t…
…arget node.
@arjan arjan Added failwhale image with crashed toy train. 4c33a4f
@arjan arjan Increased default mod_failwhale threshold to 1000ms. 6760ce2
@arjan arjan Merge branch 'zynamo' of into zynamo b0264a1
@mworrell mworrell First (unfinished) version of zynamo_request:list() 7b5714e
Commits on Dec 30, 2011
@arjan arjan Prettified the zotonic status commandline script 6c13c18
@mworrell mworrell Corrected spec for unique_id_split/1 f3a38b3
@mworrell mworrell Normalized return value of list/2 and list/4. Added options return_va…
…lue and no_return_version.
Commits on Dec 31, 2011
@mworrell mworrell Added coverage function, with random selection of start node. Changed…
… list function to use the default N (3) instead of 1
Commits on Jan 02, 2012
@arjan arjan Moved z_logger into webzmachine repository. 9bec753
@arjan arjan Rename zynamo service modules; return '$end_of_table' when list call …
@arjan arjan Zynamo: write ring file in zotonic's priv/; fix ring load error. 4365695
@arjan arjan Fail whale: 640px wide image. 93904e5
Commits on Jan 03, 2012
@arjan arjan z_convert added ip_to_long/1 and long_to_ip/1. e3ffdec
@mworrell mworrell Log convert commands and their results, for easier debugging of Image…
…Magick problems.
@mworrell mworrell Merge branch 'zynamo' of into zynamo 2cb9b76
@arjan arjan Merge branch 'zynamo' of into zynamo a1d79b5
@arjan arjan Add 'no session' dispatch rule option to prevent starting a session o…
…n a page.
@mworrell mworrell Added 'not_found_is_error', misc tweaks. ccb186b
@mworrell mworrell Removed ring state files. 02f6847
@mworrell mworrell Merge branch 'zynamo' of into zynamo 9a3d5ff
@arjan arjan resource_api: do not start session when not needed. e47caca
@arjan arjan Add ring state dir to gitignore. d6ae31b
Commits on Jan 04, 2012
@mworrell mworrell Added <nav>, <header>, <section> and <article> to the whitelist. aa1aef5
@mworrell mworrell Merge branch 'zynamo' of into zynamo d625ce4
@arjan arjan Fixed error but not sure if this is the right approach d0f80fe
@arjan arjan Merge branch 'zynamo' of into zynamo 3b7a737
@mworrell mworrell Added 'valid_elements' to be more in line with the html sanitizer. eae64fd
@mworrell mworrell Allow 'class' attrs. 37df8bb
@mworrell mworrell Added config keys site.html_elt_extra and site.html_attr_extra to all…
…ow for extra site specific html attributes or elements.
@arjan arjan Support for "extensions"; system-wide extra user-defined gen_servers.
The extensions are always started in the instance, one gen_server per instance.
@mworrell mworrell Fixed noreply typo. Added get/2, which is get/1 with default value. 2270746
@mworrell mworrell Fixed typo in config name. 556c513
@mworrell mworrell Added default values for relay options. Added option smtp_bounce_emai…
…l_override to override the VERP for all sites.
@mworrell mworrell Added smtp_bounce_email_override in the example config. 82b0133
@arjan arjan Added .empty file for extensions dir b76dfac
@arjan arjan Merge branch 'zynamo' of into zynamo 7dbb588
@arjan arjan node_id() first checks shortname before sname. reset ring node versio…
…n when emptying services.
@arjan arjan Fixed invalid case clause on node join 5f8008f
@arjan arjan When getting statistics, set quorum=n 18cc231
@arjan arjan Fix the confusion of the Monitors state, fix the return value of set_…
@arjan arjan Fix the 'undefined' membership state on a node rejoin. eea620e
@mworrell mworrell Added zynamo_manager:resync/0 to force a resync of the ring between t…
…his node and other nodes.
@mworrell mworrell Merge branch 'zynamo' of into zynamo ddc9ef7
@mworrell mworrell When setting nodes down, also reset their version. 765b689
Commits on Jan 05, 2012
@mworrell mworrell new statz 158dd33
@arjan arjan Add node name to Server: header. 12990d1
@mworrell mworrell Normalized return values of zynamo_request. Added {result, raw|merge}…
… option.

Site configuration is now a zynamo service and distributed.
@arjan arjan Added short nodename to server header instead of full node name. 557a65d
@mworrell mworrell Small late fixes. 7778c47
@arjan arjan Merge branch 'zynamo' of into zynamo 160f545
@arjan arjan Fix warning about exported case variable 068cfcb
@mworrell mworrell Fix for handle_info with unknown incoming info. 7c3f63e
@mworrell mworrell Throw a bad_request when a validation is missing. bbebc55
@mworrell mworrell Support for 400 errors. 5a6b8d2
@mworrell mworrell Translated error template, added 400 Bad Request support. 7e770cc
Commits on Jan 06, 2012
@arjan arjan Show the node legend once above the graphs, instead of in every graph. 07f66af
@arjan arjan Merge branch 'zynamo' of into zynamo d524110
@arjan arjan Fix node color 57fe9df
@arjan arjan Added support for validation error message on radio elements. a74679e
@arjan arjan Added dropdown for showing the resolution in the graphs. 9555bbb
Commits on Jan 09, 2012
@mworrell mworrell Fixes for the distributed m_config. 74edbd8
@mworrell mworrell Fix for flushing cache after config delete. ff171ea
@mworrell mworrell Fix for flushing cache after config delete. d43e1b7
@mworrell mworrell corrections on graphs, show some graphs stacked. 87dc33b
@mworrell mworrell Show scale of bytes in/out in Kb a7bb315
@mworrell mworrell moved stack option. 24d9650
@mworrell mworrell more stack option. ed74d95
@mworrell mworrell more stack option. a916807
@mworrell mworrell Stacked graphs work in test. 4f7897d
@mworrell mworrell Make clear that we are looking at Kb c6f64ab
@arjan arjan Add z_context:{get,set}_cookie
Also changed session manager to use these functions. Add cookie_domain
by default if not given in options.
@arjan arjan Merge branch 'zynamo' of into zynamo 70aca74
@mworrell mworrell make some fonts smaller so that node names fit better. 847a636
@mworrell mworrell Added support for jsop callbacks 5932b7d
@mworrell mworrell unplopped fd8f68b
Commits on Jan 10, 2012
@mworrell mworrell Added support for hybi17 websocket protocol 13. Thanks to code from C…
…owboy by Loïc Hoguin (cherry-picked from dfd0490)
Commits on Jan 11, 2012
@mworrell mworrell Allow _ and $ as part of the callback identifier. e750c19