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Commits on Sep 06, 2010
Arjan Scherpenisse arjan Tagged 0.5.0 release branch f76ba6c
Arjan Scherpenisse arjan Backported revision 1069 d639838
Arjan Scherpenisse arjan backport r1071 to 0.5 d4438f9
Arjan Scherpenisse arjan backport r1072 to 0.5 4e9b9c4
Marc Worrell mworrell Fix for a situation where the template compiler was recompiling uncha…
…nged templates.
Commits on Sep 07, 2010
Marc Worrell mworrell Fix for a situation where the page resource could show a logon dialog…
… for a missing id. This is a regression of a previous fix.
Marc Worrell mworrell Fix for syntax error in template. 4101244
Marc Worrell mworrell Fixes issue 105.
When calculating the resulting width/height take into account if only width xor height are defined.
Marc Worrell mworrell Added feature to enable/disable the concatenation of {% lib %} css/hs…
… files in one. Useful for development.
Marc Worrell mworrell Parts for the development module interface. fac1f38
Marc Worrell mworrell When spawning session/page processes, do not include the context per …
Marc Worrell mworrell Added simple template inclusion viewer. See the development menu in t…
…he admin.
Marc Worrell mworrell Added action to flush the compiled templates. 0de20fa
Marc Worrell mworrell Fix for getting the value of checkbox or radio button triggers. Retur…
…n empty value when not set.
Commits on Sep 08, 2010
Marc Worrell mworrell Fix for pager redirection on users overview page. 6319045
Arjan Scherpenisse arjan Allow editing of page path if you're not an admin. 4ed3f47
Arjan Scherpenisse arjan merged d34003a
Arjan Scherpenisse arjan Admin: tweaked the permissions for editing page_path and name. bf21800
Commits on Sep 09, 2010
Marc Worrell mworrell Prevent upscale when cropping to larger size and no upscale allowed. …
…More lenient filtering of crop parameter, map empty crop option to no crop.
Marc Worrell mworrell Repair unit tests. Was broken after introducing the template logger. 7ea8428
Marc Worrell mworrell Make ne/eq operators behave as expected when one or more parameters a…
…re undefined.
Commits on Sep 10, 2010
Marc Worrell mworrell Suppress warning messages when running identify. 9df4334
Marc Worrell mworrell Fix for erlydtl crash with recursive block definitions. Added extra t…
Arjan Scherpenisse arjan Backport of r1109: embedding images in email 37e783b
Commits on Sep 13, 2010
Marc Worrell mworrell Added 'hidden' flag to zotonic_status overview. Hides a site from vie…
…w unless the admin is logged on.
Marc Worrell mworrell Added 'hg update' and 'make' commands to the zotonic sites dashboard. 3860fee
Commits on Sep 14, 2010
Marc Worrell mworrell Added 'back' parameter to the resource_logon. Changed logon behaviour…
…, now redirects to the user's home page unless the 'back' parameter has been given.
Commits on Sep 15, 2010
Marc Worrell mworrell Tweaking redirects when logging no. 3144eaa
Commits on Sep 16, 2010
Arjan Scherpenisse arjan Fix for query terms with dashes in it. a3e8f88
Marc Worrell mworrell Let the ACL simple roles module also check the 'visible_for' level fo…
…r community members (ie. authenticated users).
Commits on Sep 17, 2010
Marc Worrell mworrell Cleaning up templates. Moved css to html head. Adding notifications h…
…ooks for signup. (Work in progress.)
Marc Worrell mworrell Added notification to grep page after logon. 3749cfa
Commits on Sep 19, 2010
Marc Worrell mworrell Changed determination of logon follow up page. 9478baa
Commits on Sep 20, 2010
Marc Worrell mworrell Added 'sudo' parameter to includes. Disable access control whilst ren…
…dering the included template. Dangerous but useful.
Marc Worrell mworrell Use ensure_all when checking authorization, makes it clearer what hap…
Marc Worrell mworrell Added optional ACL check to template resource. f82b01b
Commits on Sep 25, 2010
Marc Worrell mworrell Adding more notification hooks for changing the behaviour of the sign…
…up flow.
Commits on Sep 27, 2010
Marc Worrell mworrell Moved {logon_ready_page, Url} notification to the signup mnodule. Sma…
…ll fixes for better support of plugins.
Commits on Sep 28, 2010
Marc Worrell mworrell Added focus action to set the input focus on an element. 3967eec
Marc Worrell mworrell Fix for m_edge:get_id/4 a3530d4
Commits on Sep 29, 2010
Marc Worrell mworrell Fix for problem where a for loop evaluated its loop value twice. Than…
…ks to Konstantin Nikiforov for reporting the issue.
Commits on Oct 02, 2010
Marc Worrell mworrell Fix for a problem where forms with a postback handler could be submit…
…ted regardless of the result of the field validations.
Commits on Oct 03, 2010
Arjan Scherpenisse arjan Backported release note changes. fa007c9
Arjan Scherpenisse arjan Added tag release-0.5.0 for changeset ab4cd494203e 36132f5
Commits on Oct 04, 2010
Marc Worrell mworrell Fix for javascript error when uploading images. (0.5.x) c2920f5
Marc Worrell mworrell Added comment about 0.5.0p1 release. 788b26f
Marc Worrell mworrell Added tag release-0.5.0p1 for changeset 7c76c9589f06 b34938f
Commits on Oct 21, 2010
Arjan Scherpenisse arjan Added better feedback on failing mailinglist recipients import.
This fixes issue #115.

The feedback is shown inside a z_growl when importing from the admin,
or is sent to the administrator when it was an import from dropbox.
Marc Worrell mworrell Add type=submit to logon button. 701ab4b
Marc Worrell mworrell Added more type=submit to buttons. c77883c
Commits on Oct 26, 2010
Marc Worrell mworrell Fixex issue 106.
Merged from default.
Commits on Oct 28, 2010
Arjan Scherpenisse arjan Fixed bug in resource_admin_edit controller where no-cache headers we…
…re not set.

This fixes issue 119.

Author: Marc
Reviewer: Arjan
Arjan Scherpenisse arjan mod_mailinglist: fix pager on bottom of page. 1fd1400
Commits on Jun 18, 2011
Arjan Scherpenisse arjan Backport to release-0.5.x from r2080: Fixed a bug in mod_acl_simple_r…
…oles which caused a NULL violation when setting visible_for.
Commits on Jun 23, 2011
Arjan Scherpenisse arjan Fix erroneous call to media_stillimage in 0.5.x b50ca65
Commits on Sep 05, 2011
Arjan Scherpenisse arjan Removed invalid .git files from 0.5 releasebranch. e33d9d5