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Easier zotonic translation (via crowdin) #217

mmzeeman opened this Issue · 5 comments

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With the help of the online service we could make it much easier for translaters to contribute to zotonic.

Crowdin supports free accounts for open-source projects.

We can upload the pot files, and translators can contribute translations online. They also have an api to manage the technical stuff.

We have set it up for channel for some time now. It is amazingly easy for translators to contribute. This is our howto:



I would like to make some changes in order to make it easier to make translations. Currently every module and site gets its own translation template named en.pot. Having the same name everywhere makes it hard to handle. I would like to change it to [module|site].pot.

Another thing i would like to do is make it possible to combine strings from different modules into one file. e.g. all the strings from the base zotonic modules go to one file called zotonic.pot.

This would make it easier to distribute and handle the translation process.


Busy with experimenting. Tweaked mod_translation a little bit so it will work with pot file with the module name as prefix. Project page:


This should be the url which can be used to join the translation portal:

Looking at the crowdin api in order to easily upload the pot files.


What is the status of this?
How much work is it to get the data into and out of crowdin?

I think it is a much easier way for translators to contribute using crowdin..

@mworrell mworrell added this to the Wish list milestone
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