Occasional psql_connection crash during rollback #262

mmzeeman opened this Issue Nov 17, 2011 · 2 comments

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Sometimes I get a strange psql_connection crash during a rollback:

Looks like some function is missing.

Crashing process

initial_call {pgsql_connection,init,['Argument__1']}
pid <6741.7350.0>
registered_name []
{<<"DateStyle">>,<<"ISO, MDY">>},
links [<6741.135.0>,<6741.7351.0>]
dictionary []
trap_exit true
status running
heap_size 2584
stack_size 24
reductions 12524

Zotonic member

I have seen this kind of errors when the state of the db connection was not what the driver expects. That is why I modified the driver to kill of connections where a non-recoverable error happened.

Can you make an example that might reproduce this error so that we can debug it?

Zotonic member

We are now using epgsql deps, closing this issue.

@mworrell mworrell closed this Feb 16, 2015
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