Page connections incoherence #290

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  1. Create a new role
  2. create a new user
  3. Add this user into the role
  4. Add this user for the second times: the user is present two times into the "ACL role Member (add connection) and no error is given.
  5. Of course, if you want delete this user, you can delete the first one (or the second) and the for "the rest", you get an error like the following:
09:52:51.907 [info] [] warning @ resource_websocket:102  error:{badmatch,undefined}

I know, it's not really an error but an info. 10:21
And if you bak to a "fresh" and reloaded page, the user linked is not present. The db info is good but the display info is not "coherent".

For Author, it's the same problem. You can add twice same unique items (twice or more)

I think that you must obtain a pop-up with message like "this item has been already linked/added".

Zotonic member

I can confirm this.

Noticed it a few days ago.

If you reload the page, it will show coherent data again. As you say, there ought to be a check to avoid adding duplicates in the UI.

@arjan arjan closed this in bb092f6 Feb 8, 2012
@kaos kaos pushed a commit to kaos/zotonic that referenced this issue Feb 23, 2012
@arjan arjan Show error message when user tries to add the same edge twice.
Fixes #290
(cherry picked from commit bb092f6)
@rpip rpip pushed a commit to rpip/zotonic that referenced this issue Aug 12, 2013
@arjan arjan Show error message when user tries to add the same edge twice.
Fixes #290
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