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z_html:sanitize/2 eats whitespace. #335

mworrell opened this Issue May 23, 2012 · 8 comments

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When you pull something like:

<a href='#'>a</a> <a href='#'>b</a>

Through z_html:sanitize/2 then the space between the two anchor tags is removed.
This seems to be a problem within mochiweb_html:parse/1

@mworrell mworrell closed this in 5eb80d3 May 23, 2012
@mworrell mworrell reopened this May 23, 2012
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Reopening as reminder, as we need to push this upstream.

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The fix also causes a mochiweb_html unittest to fail.

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  mochiweb_html: parse_test...*failed*
                           {expression,"parse ( D0 )"},
                                   [<<"\n ">>,
                                    {<<"head">>,[],[<<"\n   ">>,{...}|...]},
                                    <<"\n ">>,
  in function mochiweb_html:'-parse_test/0-fun-0-'/1
  in call from mochiweb_html:parse_test/0

This fails on the whitespace between the block level elements.
In an ideal world we should drop the whitespace between block level elements and keep the whitespace of the 'inline' elements.

That is quite a bit of knowledge to add to the parser though.

I suggest that we change the test so that it accounts for the newly returned whitespace.

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Would be nice to have add that "knowledge" anyway. Maybe I'll add it later.


You can't reliably detect wether an element is an inline or block level element, as that can be changed via CSS.

Does this still need to be pushed upstream?

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@mmzeeman do you know if this is pushed upstream?

@mworrell mworrell added pending reply and removed needs work labels Feb 16, 2015
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No sorry. Some of our fixes are pushed upstream, some not.

@mworrell mworrell added efficiency and removed pending reply labels Feb 16, 2015
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Closing - we need to do a complete check on the upstream push anyway,

@mworrell mworrell closed this Apr 22, 2015
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