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kaos commented Feb 9, 2013

Is both first name and last name required to sign up?

I left last name empty, but nothing happened when I pressed sign up. (no message, no log, no nothing). I filled it in, and it worked.

Obviously haven't looked into it myself... (yet, anyway).
Would like to know how it is meant to work before I do anything about it...


arjan commented Feb 9, 2013

Signup is indeed a very strange beast.

It is quite hard to implement your own signup rules. For instance, you might not want to let the user enter the password twice..

I made some commits to make life easier; look in the signup controller; or here

There is a signup_form_fields notification to let you decide which fields are in the signup form.
A bit hacky solution but it works.

Note that 'email' is always required and like I said, password is needed to be entered twice (still)


kaos commented Feb 9, 2013

Heh, well in my case, the password fields were not present at all, and the e-mail field was not a field either, only text (thus, read-only :p ). But all that is explained by how I got to the sign up form, I suppose ;)

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