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arjan commented Nov 13, 2012

Just to be curious, how did you end up with a log/ directory?

Zotonic stores logs in priv/log and priv/sasl, ususally.


Oh yes... so it does... I'm not sure how I've ended up with the log/ folder. It contains error.log, crash.log and console.log

My priv/log folder contains access logs and my priv/sasl contains the three files mentioned above although they have not been updated for a few days now. Anything new seems to be going in the log/ folder.

Is there something I should check on my install?

arjan commented Nov 18, 2012

How did you start zotonic?


I'm just using the file.

zotonic@ss:~$ start

My directory structure is as follows
/home/zotonic/ -- zotonic start script
/home/zotonic/zotonic/ -- zotonic install

-- top of

# Change this to your base directory
# Change this to the complete path to (this script)
# Change this to the directory where you have unpacked zotonic
# IMPORTANT: this directory must be called zotonic or zotonic-x.y where x.y is the version number.
# Change this to point to the erlang vm
arjan commented Nov 19, 2012

You'd better start with zotonic start or zotonic debug. is pretty outdated and not maintained in newer zotonic versions... using the zotonic script I suspect that will fix the log issue.


Ahh ok, I'll give that a try, thanks! I followed the deployment guide in the old docs which mentioned about the file

arjan commented Nov 19, 2012

OK, I'll close this one for now. The old docs will soon be replaced by the new ones with the next release.

@arjan arjan closed this Nov 19, 2012
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