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_checkouts Add support for rebar3 _checkouts directory. May 9, 2016
bin scripts: Add zotonic-rpc and zotonic-wait commands Mar 1, 2016
doc doc: Add a note that only unprotected Tweets will be imported (#1387) Aug 21, 2016
docker docker: Create lite Zotonic container (#1310) Jul 26, 2016
include core: For every resource id argument, allow resource name as well (#1356 Aug 23, 2016
modules mod_survey: fix fetch of label names for truefalse questions. Aug 24, 2016
priv Remove trailing whitespaces from .tpl and .erl (#1380) Aug 13, 2016
src core: Fix memory leak in comet and ws connection handling. Aug 25, 2016
.dockerignore Add Dockerfile to build demo/test image. Dec 15, 2015
.editorconfig Add .editorconfig Jan 11, 2016
.gitignore core: Integrate the new template compiler Jun 21, 2016
.travis.yml core: Add 19.0 as CI target Jun 25, 2016
AUTHORS Added Mawuli @mawuli-ypa to the list of authors/contributors. Jun 3, 2014
CONTRIBUTING.md Restructure documentation into guides and reference Jan 30, 2016
CONTRIBUTORS Added Dirk Geurs @dirklectisch to the contributors list. Dec 21, 2015
Dockerfile docker: Create lite Zotonic container (#1310) Jul 26, 2016
Dockerfile.full docker: Create lite Zotonic container (#1310) Jul 26, 2016
GNUmakefile build: Also remove ebin directory in make clean. Aug 26, 2016
LICENSE Added r1392 from Zotonic svn Nov 12, 2009
Makefile Update the message shown when compiling with non-gnu compatible make Aug 20, 2012
README.md docker: Create lite Zotonic container (#1310) Jul 26, 2016
TRANSLATORS translation: Added more complete Russian translations Jan 15, 2013
build.cmd windows: updated build and start commands. Dec 18, 2012
prepare-release.sh scripts: Fix prepare-release.sh Apr 26, 2016
rebar.config build: set all dependencies to https that's easier on proxies (#1382) Aug 14, 2016
rebar.config.script scripts: Switch to rebar3 for compilation and dependency management May 2, 2016
rebar.lock Lock newest template compiler. Issue #1395 Aug 24, 2016
start.cmd windows: updated build and start commands. Dec 18, 2012
start.sh Simple debug startup script, useful for testing. May 31, 2011
zotonic_install scripts: Fix zotonic_install, download Erlang directly (not using sys… Jun 10, 2014


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Zotonic is the open source, high speed, real-time web framework and content management system, built with Erlang.

It is flexible, extensible and designed from the ground up to support dynamic, interactive websites and mobile solutions.

Zotonic is incredibly fast and wonderfully stable – suited for anything from basic websites to complex distributed applications. It offers an elegant backend for managing content with the flexibility that developers need to build truly amazing applications.

Start getting to know Zotonic on the feature page, have a look at our introduction video and check out the gallery page.



You can find out more about Zotonic on http://zotonic.com, including:


Zotonic is an open source project, made possible by the community. If you’d like to contribute, please read the Contributing chapter in the documentation.