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Authentication and signup: template refactoring

Split up templates into sub templates to better manage and override
form elements. While this creates some level of complexity (to find out
what goes where), this also provides the flexibility to change the
resulting output without breaking the functional code.
Add configuration template to remove/add elements from the sign up form.
Allow sign up/sign in modal dialog.
Admin sign in: switch between sign in and forgot password screens.
Define minimum password length as config variable.
Form validation: add error messages.
Form validation: support validate argument "message_after" (defines
after which element the failure message should be shown).
Form validation: add "success" class.
Various text improvements (mainly shorter, more to the point messages).
Surname prefix was previously shown for certain languages. The field is
now hidden unless set to visible in the config file.
Repeat password is now hidden.
Cookbook documentation.

#861 #860
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