Latest commit 149aee6 Aug 30, 2016 @mworrell mworrell committed with ddeboer Replace Mochiweb/Webmachine with Cowboy/Cowmachine (#1355)
* Adapt controllers to new callback format.
* Adapt services to new cow-calling format, remove ReqData arg.
* Remove ReqData and wrq usage.
* Binarify arguments.
* Binaryfication of message in event/2 notification functions
* Lock new cowboy, initialize cowboy listeners.
* Add websocket support.
* Make modules_dir/sites_dir optional.
* Remove wm docs.
* Remove reference to erlydtl_scanner.
* Cleanup some old text/phone dirs.
* Docs didn't build correctly with them.
* Fix edoc generation.
* Use temporary forked ranch for ipv6_v6only listen option.
* Fix testsandbox url concatenation.
* zotonic_status: fix submit message (now binary)
* mod_base: fix filter yesno
* mod_base: simpler logic in filter yesno
* Fix dispatch rule debugging.
* mod_base: re-add support for ws_handler to controller_websocket.
* doc: add upgrade notes and docs for cowboy changes
* doc: remove 'Just Enough Webmachine' chapter, as we are now using cowmachine.
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mod_ssl.erl Replace Mochiweb/Webmachine with Cowboy/Cowmachine (#1355) Aug 30, 2016