FAQ management plugin for Redmine
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=== ezFAQ plugin 0.3.5

This is a FAQ management plugin for Redmine.
ONLY compatible with Redmine last devel. NOT compatible with Redmine 0.8.x

=== Feature

1. Ask question and request a user to answer it.
2. FAQ is grouped by categories.
3. FAQ's modification has history logs.
4. Send notify email to the author and the assigned user who should answer the question.
5. FAQ creation or update is added to redmine's activity.
6. FAQ and FAQ-list can be exported to PDF document.
7. FAQ are searchable using redmine's search engine.

=== Note

Since the plugin applies a patch to redmine core, it can only run properly under
production environment. When runs under development envrionment, the faq with attachments
will fail to show.

Redmine currently doesn't support plugin to extend its search scope, so you have to
modify redmine's search controller to search FAQ.
(Edit ln51 in search_controller.rb, add faqs to the @object_types)

=== Plugin installation

1. Copy the plugin directory(ezfaq_plugin) into the vendor/plugins directory
   NOTE: The plugin directory must be ezfaq_plugin!

2. Migrate plugin:
   rake db:migrate_plugins

3. Start Redmine

Installed plugins are listed on 'Admin -> Plugins' screen.

=== Changelog

0.3.5 -> Correct a mailer error when adding new faqs.

0.3.4 -> Update readme: only compitable with redmine devel. Some bug fix.

0.3.3 -> Complete ru.yml.

0.3.2 -> Make some FAQ strings localizable.(missed in 0.3.1)

0.3.1 -> Add ru.yml.
         Make all of the FAQ strings localizable.

0.3.0 -> Check for redmine's compatibility. 

0.2.3 -> Fix: html email lost layout; text mail showed as attachment
         Changes: new star images from Denis Tomashenko.

0.2.2 -> Fix: export to pdf hangs when pdf's title and note not set.

0.2.1 -> Faq can be searched using redmine's search page.
         (But you must modify redmine's search_controller to extend its search scope, this
          would be resolved when a plugin_hook is commited)
         (To modify search_controller, see ln51 in search_controller.rb)

0.2.0 -> Fix mailer error. Thanks for Eric Davis.

0.1.9 -> Add export to PDF function to FAQ and FAQ-list.
         This version has a mailer error, the mail function is disabled and will be corrected in 0.2.0.

0.1.0 -> Compitable with redmine devel after r2493 and rails 2.2.2
         Add cs.yml language.

0.0.4 -> Add faq into project's activity.
         Add preview ablility to faq's new and edit page.
         Add copy ablility to faq's show page.
         Use redmine's pagination instead of will_paginate(so will_paginate is no longer needed).
         Add de.yml language.

0.0.3 -> Change attatchment related methods, because redmine r2116 has changed it's
         attatchment manage mechanism.
         Change permission and menu into gloc strings and now they can be localized.

=== Credits

Thanks edavis10 at http://github.com/edavis10/ for his redmine core patch.
(Look at lib/attachment_patch.rb)

Thanks Denis Tomashenko for his wonderful star images.

=== Language contributors

cs.yml - Marek Hulán
de.yml - Mathias Kühn
ru.yml - Alexander Kirillov
fr.yml - james pic
ja.yml - Akiko Takano
it.yml - Davide Saurino

=== Contact info

Homepage -> http://ezwork.techcon.thtf.com.cn/projects/ezwork powered by redmine
Email    -> zouchaoqun@gmail.com