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Your browser's container formats and codecs support in your pocket.
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What Media Codecs Can Your Browser Playback?


You can write a 20 page document of all media container formats web browsers can play with all codec variations but pretty challanging to find a single reference that list what combination of Web Browser [Edge, Safari, Chrome, FF] can Play on [Mac, Win10, Linux, ChromeOS, iOS, Android]. the reasons are:

0- Codecs patents and licensing is a very complicated topic.

1- Edge fully relies on codecs available in your Windows 10 OS, but does not whitelist all of them.

2- FireFox relies on some codecs like H.264 and AAC in your OS but have the rest bundled in its binaries see patented media.

3- Chromium build execludes risky patented codecs but Chrome has them, Chrome on desktop adds them, Chrome on Android remove some then om Chrome OS adds some more. ref.

About this web app

This web app will detect what media container formats and codecs the browser your are vewing it in supports on the OS you are using.

HTMLMediaElement: Typical Playback in HTML video or audio element

This web app passes the mimetypes through HTMLMediaElement.canPlayType() MDN which returns:

  • probably: The specified media type appears to be playable.
  • maybe: Cannot tell if the media type is playable without playing it.
  • '' (empty string): The specified media type definitely cannot be played.

For simplicity I have replaced:

  • probably: Yes.
  • maybe: Maybe.
  • ' ' (empty string): No.

MSE: Playback in video or audio element via Media Source Extension

MSE is an extension to HTML5's MediaElement which allows JavaScript to generate media streams that facilitates a variety of use cases like adaptive streaming and time shifting live streams.

This web app passes mimetypes through MediaSource.isTypeSupported() MDN which returns a boolean value.

Listed Mime Types

I have over 90 mimetype, collected them from variety of places such as:

  • Edge whitelisted codecs.

  • WebKit unit tests.

  • Chromium unit tests ref1, ref2

If you believe any is invalid or anything is missing, please open and issue, also, PRs are welcome.


MIT - Zouhir Chahoud

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