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User feedback and content update

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User feedback is important to us. As a user, your feedback is not only heard. We value them and are making progress to address them to provide enhanced content experience. This section lists the user feedback on Zowe documentation that requires action and provides an update if any to each feedback.

Feedback channels

This section documents the anonymous comments that are received in the following channels and which require content updates.

  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)

    When a user stays on the Zowe doc site for sometime, an NPS board pops up asking the user how likely they are going to recommend Zowe Docs to other colleagues or friends. The user can also comment to provide more details.

  • Zowe Documentation Survey

    The Zowe documentation survey is located on the navbar of the Zowe doc site which directs users to a Google Form where they will answer several questions.

User feedback in other channels including Slack are directly converted into GitHub issues for tracking.

Feedback and progress

Feedback from NPS

  1. документация скудная. нет подробного описания переконфигурации компонентов (Google translate: The documentation is scant. No detailed description of component reconfiguration.)

    [Update] Issue is opened as part of the solution.

  2. It would be highly helpful if someone can create an educational video on installing Zowe. Personal would like video for Installing Zowe CLI.

    [Update] Issue is tracking the videos.

  3. There is very little information on how the apps in the ZOWE desktop work.

    [Update] Enriched information about the Editor and Workflow app. Need to look at more.

  4. Hard to figure out where to start... the doc talks about services/APIs - where are they documented??????

    [Update] Issue and is opened and under investigation.

  5. What is the use/point of pages that have a 1 line description?

    [Update] Issue is opened and under investigation.

Feedback from doc survey

  1. Lack of information about problems faced during install. Have a list of errors/problems people have had when trying to install and provide possible solutions.

    [Update] Several issues are opened trying to provide more troubleshooting information. See the following ones:

  2. Setup zlux on linux laptop with zss on tutorial system. Zowe site points to IBM developer tutorial but this is not in sync with actual zowe github repository. Sync doc with github repository (see slack channel zowe-tutorial-system)

    [Update] Issue closed and addressed this issue.

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